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TeachNet NYC: Lesson Plans
Flaming Weasels: The Perfect Sound

Purpose Of The Project

The project uses the concepts of algebra (formula) and physics (energy and resistance) to tackle a real-life problem (setting up a sound system). Students must be able to use the Internet to find the needed data as well as basic word processing programs to type the project.

Teacher Steps To Prepare

The teacher must research basic concepts of resistance, energy, and sound, and be familiar with physics and music terms. He/she will need to look up relevant data and familiarize themselves with the questions.

Student Activities

The students participate in lessons on energy and resistance and the resistance formula. They are then introduced to the workings of a sound system and the dilemma facing a fictitious band--The Flaming Weasels. They then create a journal for this band and prepare a presentation to the class of their research and findings.

Assessment Methods

Students are tested on the definitions they have been given and their ability to use the resistance formula to solve basic problems. However, the majority of the grade will be based on the presentation that is to be judged by their peers.

Standards Addressed By This Unit

Standards addresses are the connection between math and science, and the connection between these two subjects and "the real world."

Teacher Technology Skills Required

The teacher must be adept at both searching the Internet and Web design.

Student Technology Skills Required

Students must be able to search the Internet and use a word processing program.

Software Materials Used

Materials used include MS FrontPage, MS Word, and a physics textbook.

Related Links

Related links are included on the Web page. They lead to the data needed to solve the problems given to the students.



Answer key included. (working on it)

Angela Lee


Angela Lee teaches math at Murry Bergtraum High School in Manhattan.  She is a TeachNet Project mentee.

E-mail: aql9710@hotmail.com

Subject Area: Math, Science

Grades: 9-12


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