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TeachNet NYC: Lesson Plans

Exploring Careers Online - The Job Hunt

Project URL: http://teachersnetwork.org/teachnet-lab/mbhs/ahorton/careers.htm 

How it works:

This learning experience will enable students to acquire career-specific technical knowledge and skills necessary to progress toward gainful employment.  The teacher will familiarize students with the different search engines, subject directories, and web sites available to search for information on the world of work.

Students will use Internet resources to learn about how to apply for a job, how to key their application letter and resume, and tips on the interview process. They will also learn how to post their resume, cover letter, and employment application directly online, thus learning about the time-efficient changing nature of the workplace. As a culminating activity, they will present a mock-interview skit in class.



 Students will:

  • become acquainted with a variety of technologies and their applications as applies to the world of work

  • be provided with industry-based skills mastery of computer application software packages

  • develop an appreciation of the time-saving benefits of computer software and the Internet as a research tool

Literacy and English Language Arts:

Students will:

  • demonstrate the ability to read and comprehend informational job search materials on the Internet
  • enhance their writing skills and composition at the computer by filling out on-line job search tools
  • produce functional documents—resume, cover letter, employment application

Software materials used:

Microsoft Word, Internet browser

The students: 

This unit is used with heterogeneously mixed, multi-racial high school students in grades 11 through 12.  They have all completed coursework in keyboarding prior to taking this course in Microsoft Word. 

Overall value:

Upon completion of the unit, students will be knowledgeable about the world of work, the exploration of career options, and they will be able to relate their personal skills, aptitudes, and abilities to future career decisions.  Students will also increase their "information literacy," as they learn about the wealth of resources available on the Internet.

Tips for teachers:

1.  Brainstorm “the importance of the work sample”.  When you write to apply for the job, you are giving a prospective employer a sample of the product you are selling-- you.

2.  Do on-line research to locate the best sites for students to gather information about prospective jobs and the job search process.

3.  Discuss with students the variety of subject directories and search engines they may use throughout the project:

Subject Directories       
Provide users a way to look for web sites by subject.  They click through a series of subject menus.
Yahoo, About.com 

Search Engines   
Conduct searches through key words;  may require Boolean indicators (and, not, or) to narrow focus
Google, Alta Vista, Info Seek, Hotbot

Meta-Search Engines 
Allows searches to be sent to several search engines simultaneously
AskJeeves.com  “Natural Language”


Ann Marie Horton has been teaching Business/Technology Education in the New York City Public School System for over fifteen years.  Previously, she taught at Island Trees High School in Levittown, Long Island.  She is currently teaching in the Office Administration Technology/Information Systems Department at Murry Bergtraum High School in Manhattan.

E-mail: maitai545@hotmail.com

Subject area: Business, Technology

Beginning Grade Level: 10

Ending Grade Level: 12

What do you think of my project?  I'd really like to hear your opinion. Click here for a very brief survey.


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