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New Teachers Online: How-To Articles:
Adjust Your Teaching Styles for English Language Learners (ELL) in ESL/Bilingual Classrooms

Resources for Teachers of ELL/ESL Students
Tobey Bassoff

How do ESL teachers manage to offer high quality instruction in a nurturing environment while maintaining open communication with parents and students? They form networks with other teachers and they constantly add new ideas and resources to their tool kits. I have collected and commented on several such tool kit additions.

Home/School Communication

Teachers’ Messages for Report Cards – Spanish/English Edition
Mendez-Robbins, Maria Elena. ISBN: 0866539972
This is an excellent resource for educators who need to communicate with a Spanish-speaking student’s family. The book is filled with a vast selection of comments that are both positive and sensitive in nature.

Reporting to Parent in English and Spanish
Thuro, Barbara. ISBN: 0932825036
This is another book chock-full of ideas when it comes to reporting back to Spanish-speaking families on progress reports or during parent-teacher conferences.

Páginas Provechosas
Teacher Created Materials – October 1990
If you can find a copy, you’re very lucky! This little gem is a gold mine of child friendly pages that make home-school communication so much easier! The clip-art is school friendly and the pages are not too busy.

ESL Support in the Classroom

Group Solutions
LHS Gems ISBN: 0912511818
One of my all time favorites! This book is really for any age of ESL learner in a school setting. The book is full of engaging lessons that combine teamwork and logic. Students use manipulatives to solve puzzles. If you are a fan of Howard Gardiner’s theory of multiple intelligences then this is a book for you.

Family Math
Kerr-Stanmark, Jean. ISBN 0912511060
This series is also available in Spanish. I have used them both to create family math events in which the students can play the games that they are taught in English to their Spanish-speaking families. The games have a lot of appeal for both beginning and advanced math students.


Ed 101: It won't be on the test. Teachers Network wants to hear your voice. Teachers, students, parents, and concerned citizens---to provide a balanced perspective on education issues.

Bogglesworld.com – a plethora of activities and planning materials for esl teachers

Nctm.org/titlei – this is a new website sponsored by the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics. The site offers great resources and articles for bridging the home-school connection with students.

This list is by no means complete. If you have suggestions, please email me at tbassoff@yahoo.com


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