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Professional Resources
Theresa London Cooper

Whether we are classroom teachers, teacher leaders and/or professional developers, all effective educators require professional resources to remain informed. Take advantage of those that are completely free. I receive a number of on-line resources that help me stay up to date.

1. The Master Teacher

I have subscribed to The Master Teacher for a number of years. Initially I received their pamphlets in the mail. Once a month I received four pamphlets that took me all of ten minutes to read. The topics were relevant, practical and timely. A few years ago, I found out about their on-line service, which provides the same information for the regular education teacher and the ESL teacher as well. You will receive tips and strategies on classroom management, building relationships, teaching strategies, and a great deal more. Highly recommended.

2. Leadership Wired

John C. Maxwell is the writer of the Leadership Wired service, a free on-
line service that addresses issues of leadership. I have subscribed to the service for a several years and it has helped me gain deeper insight into the complexities of leadership. It offers inspirational quotes, tips and advice.

3. TeacherPlanet.com

A friend of mine shared this site with me. You will find lesson plans for all subject areas, units, rubrics, and other freebies for teachers. Visit the site, you will be pleased you did.

4. The Responsive Classroom

I learned about this site while surfing the Internet, now, they send me newsletters in the mail. It is a very informative site that addresses issues of child development and good teaching practice. It is well worth your time.

5. Personalzationmall.com

What a fun site it is! You can find gifts for your colleagues at reasonable prices. If you are looking for keepsakes, desk accessories, shirts, mugs or frames, this is the site. Surprise or encourage a colleague with a personalized gift.

Try one, two or all and let me know what your think. I would love to know which of these sites you find most helpful.

E-mail Theresa


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