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Ending the School Year Smoothly
Theresa London Cooper

Ending the school year well is just as important as beginning it well. Here are a few tips I practiced faithfully when I was in the classroom.

  1. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation gathered for your students who will be repeating the grade. Parents who may not have displayed much interest in their child’s progress during the year may show fierce resistance and interest when they realize their child is not being promoted. Should this happen to you, be prepared, remain calm, and make sure you have the proper documentation to substantiate your decision.
  2. Plan interesting lessons and trips to keep the students engaged for the remainder of the year. The weather and rigor of the school year work against us as we head towards May and June. After the testing was over, I planned trips that reinforced concepts we learned during the year. I took my students to the Museum of Natural History, Green Meadows Farm, The Hall of Science and many other exciting places.
  3. Many principals distribute an end-of year calendar that will outline all of the important duties that must be completed. Review the calendar daily and plan ahead so that when something is due you are not scrambling to get it done.
  4. Begin working on your report cards as soon as possible by thinking of two or three comments you can make to summarize your students’ yearlong progress. (See Report Card Comments.)
  5. Make sure you have all of your ATS records to record accurate and/or projected attendance.
  6. Prepare yourself for the upcoming clerical-days. Find out what will take place and gather the materials you will need to complete the work designated for those days.
  7. If you are a new teacher, make sure to have conversations with some of the veteran teachers to help you meet the demands of ending the school year effectively and efficiently.

How do you end your school year?

E-mail Theresa

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End Of Year Rituals For Teachers and Students by Judi Fenton


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