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WebQuest: World Tour

About this Daily Classroom Special
World Tour was written by Amy Lapointe, a third grade teacher in New Rochelle, New York. 

World Tour

 Web Quest Map


     Pack your bags and grab your passports, we're going on a world tour!!!   We are going to take a virtual tour of six different countries on six different continents.  As you visit each country you will collect pictures, information and maps to use to complete a scrapbook of your trip.  Once you've visited all the countries and you are safely back in America, you can pick a place to learn more about on your own.  Then, instead of being a traveler, you can be an actual travel agent as you prepare a country guide book and travel brochure to share with the class.  BON VOYAGE!!!!

You will travel the world, collecting pictures, maps and information to put in your scrap book.  Here's what you need to get:
  1.  A map of the country.
  2.  A list of the important bodies of water and land forms.
  3.  A brief description of the climate.
  4.  The name and description of a holiday or festival celebrated there.
  5.  A picture of a person you met while visiting.
  6.  A list and a short description of some of the foods you ate during your stay.    Be sure to send me a postcard from each country you visit! 

1.  Visit each country on your itinerary, collecting pictures, maps and information as you go.

2.  As you arrive in each country, stamp your passport by copying the country flag from the top of the page and pasting it into your passport.

3.  Use the links provided to travel through each country and collect things to complete your scrapbook.

4.  When you find something you want to include in your scrapbook, be sure you put it in the correct section and on the right page.

5.  Once you have filled all the pages of your scrapbook for the country you're visiting, look through that section, thinking about what you've experienced.

6.  Take a few minutes to design a postcard that reflects what you've learned about the country's culture.

7.  On the other side of your postcard, write me a paragraph the compares life in that country with life in America.

8.  Mail me your postcard by dropping it in my mailbox.

9.  Travel to the next country and explore some more.

Returning home:

1.  Use the checklist to be sure that you have done everything you set out to do on your world tour.

2.  Check the rubric to determine your flight status.  This will let you know how you did on your trip.  If you are satisfied with your status, share your scrapbook with me.  If you're not satisfied, put any finishing touches on your scrapbook, re-evaluate yourself and share with me.

Click here to fly to your first country.


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