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Daily Classroom Special
Critter Corner: Chris and Seb's Science Fair Adventure 
About this Daily Classroom Special
Critter Corner allows teachers and students to learn and share experiences about organisms that can be kept in the classroom. Critter Corner is maintained by Judith Jones, teacher at East Chapel Hill High School (NC) and Teachers Network web mentor. E-mail Judith. Make sure to visit Judy's other Daily Classroom Special, The Time Travel Interviews with Famous Scientists

To the Critter Corner Directory.

Chris and Seb's Science Fair Adventure

When last we heard from Chris & Seb, sixth graders at St. Dominic School, they contacted Judy Jones, teacher at East Chapel Hill High School (NC) and Teachers Network web mentor, for assistance on a science project featuring meal worms. Following are their subsequent exchanges.

Dear Mrs. Jones,

Thank you very much for the needed information you sent me and Chris for our Science Fair. We had lots of fun conducting experiments on our meal worms. We did many tests such as the liquid test and dark versus light test you sent us, color tests, food tests, and we observed if meal worms could travel faster uphill or downhill. When the Science Fair is over I'll make sure I send you our results.

Sincerely, Chris & Seb

Subject: Help Again!
To: Judy Jones

Dear Mrs. Jones,

Sorry to bother you again. But would it be possible for you to send Chris and me some more information on meal worms, preferably relating more to the meal worm than the darkling beetle.

Sincerely, Chris & Seb

Judy Jones's response to these letters:

Dear Chris & Seb,

Thanks so much for updating me on the science fair! I will be most interested to hear how you did and to find out about your results! As to your request for more information on the meal worm, what kind of information are you looking for? I will search around and see if I can find any more details but it would help to know what you are specifically needing.

Judy Jones

Dear Mrs. Jones,

Chris and I have searched many places in our free time to find a diagram on the anatomy of a meal worm and darkling beetle. We also searched for photos on the life-cycle of a meal worm. This is all the information we need to finish our project--it's also very valuable information that we desperately need. We're so sorry to bother you but there's only a few day's left until the Science Fair and you've been a big help. So, if you could possibly find a diagram on the anatomy of the meal worm and on the life stages, could you please e-mail them to Chris and me.

Sincerely, Chris & Seb

Judy Jones's response:

Wow Guys,

I just got back from a conference in New York and read your e-mail - I will look at my books at school. You may be able to use a general diagram of beetle life cycles and the internal structure of any beetle larva, if I can't find anything more specific. Meanwhile, you better e-mail an address because I may need to mail this stuff to you! If my help is going to be too late, go to a zoology book or a book on insects (a textbook type of book) and you should be able to find the more general information. But I do have a book at school that I will look in for specific info on darkling beetle larvae and will copy the info to mail to you just in case.

Good Luck! Judy Jones

Chris & Seb's latest response to Judy Jones:

Subject: Thanks!!!

Dear Mrs. Jones,

Chris and I found an old David Suzuki book that had a diagram of the meal worm and darkling beetle. It also had a diagram on the life-cycle of the meal worm. We finished typing our report which ended up being 11 pages long (not counting charts and diagrams). We were judged by our science teacher, Mr. B. and our final mark was an A+. We just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given us and for the great deal of information that we learned.

Sincerely, Chris & Seb

Dear Chris & Seb,

Congratulations on a terrific job with your science fair project. I am delighted that it went so well. And a particular bit of praise for your wonderful scientific sleuthing! I could not find the diagram that you wanted in my book at school so you really must have searched for the information. Hope your future in science continues to be so successful!


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