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Daily Classroom Special
Bits & Bytes: Publishing

About this Daily Classroom Special
Bits & Bytes combines technology objectives, activity ideas, web sites, and resources in an effort to make it easier for everyone to incorporate technology into their instruction. Bits & Bytes is maintained by Barbara Smith, Magnet Coordinator at Harvard Elementary, Houston (TX) and Teachers Network  web mentor. 

To the Bits & Bytes Directory

K - 2

Publish information in a variety of media including, but not limited to, printed copy or monitor display.

3 - 5

Publish information in a variety of media including, but not limited to, printed copy, monitor display, Internet documents, and video.

Printed copy:

  • Hold an electronic book fair. Allow students to write story with word processor, and add pictures they made with a graphics program. Print, bind and display.
  • Hold a book fair during a time when parents can come, and sponsor a book signing. Invite the media.
Monitor display:
  • Use the computer lab to give spelling, language and math tests. 
  • Collect electronic books students have written on disks and keep a "virtual library" file next to the computer for other students to use.
Internet documents:
  • Write a school newspaper and put it on the school website. 
  • Select "Writer of the Week" and showcase their work on-line. Let them write postcards or e-mail to family members, with the e-address for their publicized work.
  • Write and produce a video segment on a topic being studied in class.
  • Add to school library for checkout.
  • Videotape science project presentations. Use each year to show new classes level of work expected.
  • Give tour of school. Share with local civic organizations.
Web Picks of the Week:

National Gardening Association's KidsGardening 
Internet Math Hunt 
Egyptian Mathematics  
American Red Cross Class Act Project


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