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Teachers Network Leadership Institute:
Affiliates: New York City

New York, NY
Our Local Partnerships

Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE)

Creating Recommendations for the NYC United Federation of Teachers (UFT)

The Spencer Foundation and "School Reform in New York City"

The Campaign for Fiscal Equity

The Campaign for Fiscal Equity is made up of a group of civic activists, including educators, lawyers, local board members and others. Its goal is to secure adequate funding for the children of New York City. It has sought to achieve this goal by a two-part strategy. It has managed an outreach program in which it has brought together interested parties from all over the state. In addition, it is currently suing the State of New York based on the provisions of the State Constitution that guarantee every child a "sound basic education."

The Teachers Network Leadership Institute (TNLI) has been involved from the Campaign's inception. We have had several of our members participate in a teacher think tank to assist in articulating the needs of New York City children. We have a delegate who has attended all the New York City outreach meetings. We have kept close contact by inviting, on three separate occasions, the lead counsels of the suit to address Fellows' meetings.

In addition, one Fellow has helped to create a curriculum for high school students concerning the suit and its related issues. Several TNLI fellows have brought their students to court to foster an understanding of the issues and assist in publicizing the suit. Finally, we have been challenged to help plan a post-suit response.

The United Federation of Teachers

United Federation of Teachers  260 Park Avenue South  New York, NY 10010  (212) 777-7500 The TNLI and the United Federation of Teachers have long enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship. Several officials from the union have participated in monthly meetings of New York City fellows. These discussions foregrounded TNLI's concerns with a range of issues that have a direct impact on student achievement, from professional development and resource allocation to parent participation and teacher collaboration.

Most recently, the New York City branch of TNLI was invited to submit one high-priority proposal for the new UFT-Board of Education contract. After much consideration, NYC fellows proposed the creation of an apprentice line for the new contract.

TNLI believes that the training and retention of beginning teachers is vital to the success of our schools. The apprentice line proposed to the UFT would be a paid position, with full benefits, and would be open to candidates with at least a bachelors degree who participate in apprentice programs approved or accredited by both the Board of Education and the UFT. TNLI offered its support so that the apprentice line could become a viable discussion point in the union contract negotiations.

The Spencer Foundation and "School Reform in New York City"

Two TNLI Met-Life fellows have been invited to be a part of a study, sponsored by the Spencer Foundation, into "School Reform in New York City." Currently, the study is in its planning phase and is led by LaRue Allen, Joe MacDonald, and Norm Fruchter, from the New York University School of Education. If the planning proposal is selected from among twenty finalists, then the full study will begin in 2001, supported by a $500,000 grant from the Spencer Foundation. 

The broad goal of the study is to address the following questions: "What does turn-of-the-century American school reform look like from the perspective of several schools and communities in New York City? What are the ideological currents of reform, its dynamics, its distinguishing characteristics, its most important dilemmas, and its prospects for long-term impact?"

The study hopes to provide both a background (through an investigation of the broad change forces at play in New York City reform efforts) and foreground (through an analysis of several NYC schools grappling with change) of reform in New York City.


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