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Teachers Network Leadership Institute:
Fair Share for Our Schools: A Multidisciplinary Curriculum: What’s the Difference Between NYC Schools & Schools Around the State?
View the Short Video: Campaign for Fiscal Equality: Students Speak Out

Lesson Materials (word document)

Aim: How can students begin to think about equity in the New York State School system by reading and analyzing the provided document?

Objective: Students will read and analyze and make meaning using the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) document. Students will begin to see the complications and disparities in the New York state school system.

ELA Standards: Students will read and take notes for critical analysis. They will practice deciphering and making meaning from various pieces of text, graphs and charts, which is one of the tasks needed to pass the ELA Regents Test.

Lesson Summary: This lesson is meant as an introductory lesson into the issues presented by the Campaign for Fiscal Equity. It asks students to look at a piece of text that presents some of the inequities if the New York sate school system and to begin to make some of their own meaning and ask some of their own questions about this information. Ideally, this lesson is followed up with the letter writing lesson, the speech writing lesson, or one of the other lessons about CFE on the TNLI website.

Materials needed: Overhead projector or chalkboard, poster paper and marker for each group, copies of Evidence and Reflection Chart for each student and class set of CFE document packet, “CFE State of Learning.”

Subject Areas:

Grade Levels:  9-10

About the teacher:

JoAnna Bueckert is currently teaching English at Landmark High School, a small public school in Manhattan that utilizes portfolios, narrative evaluations and other alternative practices. She also teaches an advisory class and a variety of elective classes ranging from rock climbing to poetry. Since wearing many hats is a necessity at small schools, she is also the English Team Leader and the Team Leader for the ninth and tenth grade teachers. Prior to her four years at Landmark, JoAnna worked for two years at Tennyson High School in Hayward, California, where she taught English, participated in the Puente Program and was the advisor for the school newspaper.



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