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China CultureQuest Self-Assessment

Your name___________________________


All projects due by tomorrow in _ Meryl’s Drop Box (see directions below). You MUST put your folder in_ Meryl’s Drop Box in order to receive a grade of Met Standards or higher. This is where your work will be checked. If your work is not in _ Meryl’s Drop Box the HIGHEST grade you can receive is NEEDS WORK.

• Fill out this self-assessment completely and give to Meryl.  If not complete by end of class, then you must give it to her by tomorrow.


  1. In class today, finish word-processing your report about China. It must be at least 250 words, in your own writing, spelling and grammar are corrected. You must have at least 3 reviews of websites where you found your information, with the links pasted in place.
  2. Your work for this class must be in the correct folder format

e.g Luke Todd’s folder is:     ltodd_8

inside of ltodd_8, there is       

ltinprog  (within this file is lt_china_report)
ltmedia  (within this file is scan of his china collage as a .gif or .jpg  and  lt_china_icon. Meryl will work with you individually with this today and tomorrow)
ltpages  (next week we will make lt_china.html)


  1. What is the title of your China Report? __________________________________________________
  2. What topic did you research about China? __________________________________________________
  3. Did you work alone? ___________________  If not, who are your partners?___________________

What is your specific responsibility of the partnership? ____________________________________

  1. Why were you interested in this specific topic? ___________________________________________________
  2. What are at least 3 things you learned while researching and writing your report?



  1. What does your China collage look like? __________________________________________________ What materials did you use? ___________________________________________________
  2. How does collages illustrate your report topic?



At I.C.E, we use the following grades:  Honors, Exceeds Standards, Met Standards, Needs Work and Fails to Meet Standards. Your assessment for this class is based on: attendance, punctuality, positive participation in class, effort, homework, and the Cycle 1 project (report on China, China Collage, Reality Fantasy Collages).

What grade do you think you deserve this cycle? __________________________

Why? ___________________________________________________________________

What will you improve next cycle to get a higher grade? _________________________


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