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Italian Cities | Italian Language Resources | Italian Lesson Plans | Educational Resources | December 12 | Chatting in Italian - 3/6/99 | email me

Webfolio Italiano

May 19, 1999 - FT4

The following is a list of items that you should be working on for your webfolio, due Friday, June 11Each web page will include the following 6 items

 Introduzione - We have all written introductions describing ourselves, add on to it

 Le mie vacanze - here you should insert your journals from the vacations over the past semester (include dates) Make sure you use the passato prossimo ( I will be checking for correct usage)

 Una citta italiana (la mia favorita citta italiana) - Here is your description about a city in Italy, go back to the lesson, Dov'e la citta if you have any questions about missing items. Also, refer to , How do I insert pictures below to add pictures of your city to your page

 La moda - Here you should include your annuncio or ad describing an item of clothing in detail, include a picture or pictures of items

 Un dialogo - any dialogue that you have worked on this semester should be included in this section. Ask me or a classmate to correct

Un espressione mia - here you can do any project you'd like in Italian (it is up to you) Some ideas are italian music, italian food or recipes, italian music. The link should include a description in Italian with appropriate links.

How Do I Insert Pictures/Photos?

Compito #42 (May 17, 1999) Amici p 114 ex B& DCompito #43 (May 18, 1999) Amici p 120 ex.A & BCompito #44 (May 19, 1999) Amici p 121 ex. E (be prepared to report answers to class on Friday)

La pagina di Signora D'Aponte | Cyberitalian | photostogo.com


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