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TeachNet NYC: Lesson Plans

Italian Cities | Italian Language Resources | Italian Lesson Plans | Educational Resources | December 12 | Chatting in Italian - 3/6/99 | email me

Foreign Language/ Italian Web sites


1) www.venetia.it/index.html

This beautifully designed site provides comprehensive information about Venice. It includes a cultural and an historical

back ground of Venice in both Italian and in English. The graphics are wonderful. It is useful for

an historical lesson as well as a cultural one.


2) www.rcs.it

This is an Italian newspaper site. It connects you to all of the different Italian newspapers of Italy. It is wonderful to use as a daily resource for staying in touch. It is also a great tool for students doing current events.


3) www.buon_giorno.com

This is a fun site for people who like to buy food. It is actually an online

Italian food store. I recommend it for those who do shopping on line. As a teaching tool, it

is great with the lesson Quante costa? (How much does it cost?)



This site is an overall resource for Italy. It is great for travelers but it also connects you

with a number of cultural sites. I recommend this to anyone who has any interest in Italy.


5) WWW.worldwide.edu

As a language teacher, a web site that offers a listing of all colleges in the world is very useful not only as a personal resource but as a contact for students and other teachers. If one is trying to link with a school in another country, a university is a great place to start.


6) www.ilsole24ore.it/premiowww/vota.htm

This is a great site to use with students. It is actually an Italian contest

to vote for the best Italian web site. After students have utilized different

web sites, this would be a great place to go. They could participate in the contest

and follow up with the results. It is hosted by 24 ore and Italian news site



This is a great site for all foreign language teachers. In addition to great graphics, it offers

numerous resources for Foreign language teachers. It is primarily a site that offers a

connection to a forum for foreign language teachers



This is a great site used directly for helping teachers to connect with one

another for e-mail class projects



this site offers a tremendous amount of information for the teacher of ESL

and other foreign languages. It explains standards and has links to various articles

on the subject


10) http://umich.edu/~newitclu/italian.html

Ciao is a great italian cultural site which offers links to numerous cultural

sites perfect for student viewing. For example there is a link to la cucina, sports, art and culture

and more. The links cover a wide range of topics. It is a great starting point for an Italian teacher.



This is an overview of all italian newspapers that exist as well as magazines on a variety of topics

It is offered in Italian with links to English. Perfect for a current events assignment.



This site is called: Duecento: la poesia italiana dalle orgini a Dante

It is a collection of italian literature including the work of Dante. It is not

the most useful link for students at this point, however it is a good resource. I

expect to find a more user friendly site with the Work of Dante for my students


13) http://univ.trieste.it/~nirital/texel/grammit/homegrit.htm

This is any amazing site which conjugates italian verbs into whatever tense

you choose. It is extremely helpful for a student of italian at any level. It is kind of like a grammar

book online.


14) http://rai.it

This is an excellent resource for students of Italian. Rai has been a media

resource for many years (TV). It is like The CBS or NBC of Italy. There are audio

broadcasts and numerous articles and information links.


15) http://radioradio.it/

This is a fun site for creating real life lesson plans. It is called radio, radio and is a schedule of events, currently

going on in Italy. For example students could plan a visit to a museum or the movies in Rome, using this site. Even though

they wouldn't actually go to the movies, their choice of movie would really exist.


16) http://nyu.edu/acf/multilingual/italian.html

This site offers numerous links to Italian Language Resources



This is a sit which offers a virtual frog dissection in a variety of languages

I'm not sure who would use it - A portugese biology teacher? Maybe it could aid

a variety of ESL students in science class



THis is another page devoted to Dante, an absolute necessity for any teacher or

student of Italian


19)http://italia.hum.utah.edu/nanda/scrivere/GUIDA/home.htm This site offers wonderful little writing excercises in Italian. They cover many different topics of interest. It is a wonderful

in class tool and example for how to teach some simple writing samples in Italian.



This sites is a great teaching tool for language classes, history and geography classes. It can

be useful for finding maps, locations and points of interest all around the world.



This is a great lesson plan resource. It has a variety of subjects and sample lesson plans. Some are internetized, others

are not. It was useful in seeing how to put a lesson plan on the web.



This is a fun site for any foreign language when teaching about travel and terminology. It also includes many useful links


23) http://wonderful-italy.it/

This is primarily a site for travelers but it offers so many appropriate links for students and teachers of Italian. You can get lost in cities and

italian homepages organized by a variety of interests.



This is a fun interactive italian education site. It can be used as a supplement to classroom teaching



This is a fun site called Mama's cucina. There is a newsletter, a cookbook, a chat room and some lessons in Italian. It is silly but there are

sonme fun translations and quotes that might be of interest to students



National k-12 Foreign language Resource Center links with many different university

sites that have WWW foreign language pages


27) http://bucknell.edu/~rbeard/grammars.html

This is a fun websit because it offers grammar resources for a variety of languages

In fact it includes all languages found on the web. Strangely enough it does

not include italian grammar resources.



28) http://georgetown.edu/cball/animals/italian.html

This is such a cute and useful website. It offers the sounds of animals in all

different languages. Each animal is linked to a picture. It is a neat teaching tool but also just plain fun.


29) http://sla.purdue.edu/fl/JapanProj/FLClipart/

This is my favorite site. It offers pictures for foreign language teachers which describe actions

as well as objects. This is going to be a great time saver!!!


30) http://eurotv.com/aital.htm

This site offers TV in Italian. It is a great way to review dates, days and times as well

as checking out what's on Italian TV


31) http://lascala.milano.it/

This is the site of Teatro alla Scala in Milano. You can take a virtual visit and it

is a great way to keep up with the theatre.


32) http://arca.net/tourism/florence/links.htm

THis is an all encompassing overview of any and every aspect of the city of florence

Even if you know nothing about florence, it is worth a visit.


33) http://uffizi.firinze.it/welcomeE.html

For a virtual visit to the Uffizi , this is the place to go


34) http://babelfish.altavista.digital.com/

This is a great site that offers a quick translation of a variety of languages. It is one of the fastest that I have used


35) www.initaly.com/index.html

This site takes you to Italy. It links to a great number of resources - education and fun

36) www.didasca.it This site is in Italian and offers a variety of links. It may be use for more advanced students of Italian


37) http://travlang.com/languages/cgi-bin/langchoice.cgi?page=main&lang1=english&lang2=italian

This is for those who are traveling to Italy. It is a fun site for someone who needs quick references

38) http://interferenza.com/musica/index.html

This is a music guide for Italian music

39) http://erewhon.ticonuno.it/

This is a bizzare Italian web site that covers a range of topics including sports, different magazines and on line products. The sports and magazines could be useful tools in the classroom


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