Pedestrian Safety for Students

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Lesson 6: The Projects

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Our Projects
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Right before the spring break, students were given the following assignment.
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Date _______________

Pedestrian Safety

Based on our class discussions and your own research, how would you make it safer for students to walk to school?

In one paragraph, present your idea for a project you could design which addresses this safety issue. Be prepared to discuss it with the class.

HINT: There are two basic approaches:
1. Make the streets safer.
2. Educate children.

This was intended to get the children thinking independently about applying the information we had gathered into a meaningful project.

I suggested two basic formats for the final project, though the students were not limited by these. This gave me another opportunity to teach additional skills on the computer. I spent one class period teaching each format.

The first, a PowerPoint presentation, would be designed to instruct other children in the school about safe pedestrian practices.

The second, a brochure, designed on the computer for either adults or children, again addressing safe pedestrian practices.

Students were permitted to work either individually or in small groups.

The final projects
The Final Projects included:
Student run workshops on Safety
Letters to the Mayor to ask for help
Posters to share information about safety
A PowerPoint presentation
A play written by and starring students
An original "Safety" song

A Rubric for evaluation of the projects