Pedestrian Safety for Students

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Introduction and Goals
Lesson 1:
Part 1
The N.Y. Times Article
Lesson 1:
Part 2

Dr. Renshaw's Presentation
Lesson 2: The Scientific Method
Lesson 3:
Our Research
Lesson 4: The Walkable Studies
Lesson 5: Collating the Data-Using Excel
Lesson 6:
Our Projects
Web Sites

Helpful Web Sites

Create a Graph
a terrific tool for converting data into graphs
Excel 2000/XP - Part I: Getting Started
By Joseph F. Lomax
an excellent Excel tutorial
The Scientific Method
courtesy of Frank Wolf.
For a more in-depth understanding of the Scientific Method
Physics Resources for K-12   For continued study of Force and Motion and other physics topics
Brainpop Wonderful introductory materials in science and math
Spreadsheet tutorial
A very clear tutorial
The Physics Classroom Advanced for most elementary students but a terrific resource for teachers
Vince & Larry's Safety City
An interactive site especially for children
How stuff works
Actual clips of crash tests
The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery
Traffic Safety Materials Catalog
National Highway Traffic safety Administration -site for "Popular Information"
Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center of the University of North Carolina -Highway Safety Research Center for the Partnership for a Walkable America
A Pedestrian and bicycle Information Center
Rubistar a wonderful site that helps teachers to create rubrics

Special thanks to Janet Reynolds and Rahsaan Harris at Playing to win

This site is dedicated to Dr. Thomas Renshaw whose generosity and support guided me through this work and reminded me and my students to . . . “Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world, in fact it’s the only thing that ever has.” …… Margaret Mead