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The Task

Your UN International Research Project has 3 components. You will researching specific information for the UN, which will be presented in a PowerPoint. In addition, you will be using an e-mail program called e-pals to contact a student in the country you will be researching. Finally, you will be documenting your "journeys" by writing weekly reflections in a blog, using the web site blogspot.com





Here are the tasks you must complete for your UN International Research Project.


Each researcher will choose one country to research.  This country should be one that you know little about, but have a curiosity to learn more about.

Each researcher will present their research in a PowerPoint. Your presentation will be a minimum of 10 slides. The following topics must be researched to then be presented in your PowerPoint. You may also research additional topics. Remember, the UN is counting on you to give the necessary and relevant information, to then disperse to communities throughout America!

Once projects are completed, each student will present his/her PowerPoint to the class.


Each student will be responsible for communicating with a student in their country researched.  After you have chosen your country, your teacher will begin searching for a student with whom you will communicate.  Once you are given the student's e-mail, you will be responsible for communicating with this student. You will do this by using e-pals. You will have to write and submit at least 5 messages from you and your contacted student. Your messages should include asking questions to help learn more about your country researched, as well as adding a personal twist on your research.



Most travelers have a lot to reflect while traveling. Since you will be doing lots of "traveling" throughout your country, it is important for you to reflect on what you "see, hear, and experience" throughout your journey. Therefore, you will be creating a blog during your travels. Using creative writing, you will reflect on your traveling experiences, allowing your readers to experience with you all the new experiences had, and the many things learned throughout your travels. (Using information from both your research and e-pal messages will help you to write thoughtful and meaningful blog entries.)




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