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Teacher Grants: TeachNet Ready-Set-Tech
A Day in the Life of...

This unit uses multi-disciplinary work to help students learn more about the professional world of sports medicine. Students conduct online research on sports medicine, contact professionals in the field, craft interview questions, engage in online discourse with these professionals, and create a brochure using information obtained from these interviews.

Subject Area/s
, Physical Education, Writing, Language Arts

Grade Levels

Students will: define sports medicine, learn about careers in sports medicine, network with real professionals via email, conduct college-level online discourse, make the correlation between sports medicine and the study of human anatomy and physiology.

Internet Used
Students go online to view multimedia projects, conduct research, develop content, learn about storyboarding and view examples; use Flash tutorials, and view their projects.

Materials Used
Laptop computers with Internet access, Microsoft Word software, Microsoft Publisher software.

Standards Addressed
Scientific concepts; laboratory and experimentation skills; research skills ; reading skills; presentation, speaking and listening skills; study skills (http://emsc.nysed.gov).

A project rubric is included in this unit. Students' work was observed and conversations were held with students to provide feedback and ascertain their progress.
Students' final publication (brochures) was reviewed for information accuracy, comprehension of material, and overall presentation. A project checklist and a KWHL chart is also included as part of this unit.

Students Involved
The students involved in this project had average technology skills for the the 10th grade. Students were groups heterogeneously when working in groups.

Teacher Tips
I suggest using peer-to-peer techniques to lessen the overwhelming effect technology use in the classroom can have.

Overall Value
This unit provides students with life-long learning skills, as well as allows them to have interaction with technology at a higher critical thinking and practical level. This unit is versatile, and can be modified to accommodate any discipline. Student assignments are compelling and engaging.

Geraldine Solano

Geraldine Solano Ms. Solano is a graduate of Bronx Community College where she received her
Associates degree in Medical Laboratory Technology. She also graduated from
New York University School of Education with a Bachelors degree in secondary
science education with specialization in biology. After college, she was a
Curriculum Technology Consultant for Teaching Matters, Inc. for three
years.She left consulting to teach middle school as a science teacher at MS
206B in the Bronx. Ms. Solano studied for her masters degree in secondary
science education at Lehman College through the Teaching Opportunity Program
Scholarship. She is currently teaching Careers and Technical SKills at the
Academy for Careers in Sports in the South bronx. Ms. SOlano also serves as
the technology coordinator for ACS, and she is a member of the literacy
development team.


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