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Ready-Set-Tech: An Incredible Journey

An Incredible Journey

Take a trip with Henry Foster and Bernard Marx.

The Overview:

Magically, these two characters are transported out of Huxley's novel and into your life. In the midst of hearing them explain to you what life is like in the World State's London, complete with a description of soma, the feelies, and how they view their lives and society, as well as explaining to them all about your culture, interests and life, the three of you are transported together into the utopia/dystopia of your choice.

  • Where do the three of you land?
  • What observations do you make about life there?
  • What type of people do you see there, what are these people doing? Why? -- ask to find out!
  • What do you, Henry, and Bernard have to say to each other about life in this society? Why?
  • What do you say to the people you meet, and how do they respond?
  • You get the chance to meet the leader of this society. Who is the leader, and what do the four of you talk about?
  • Would any of the three of you like to live in this society -- why/not?
  • What are some things you'll tell your friends and family about this utopian/dystopian society (when you return to reality)?

The Task:

  1. Explore the links to utopias/dystopias provided on this site, or do a web search for "utopian societies" or "dystopian societies" if you'd like to explore other utopian/dystopian societies.
  2. When you've found the society you'd like to visit, write your adventure -- in story form. While description of setting and characters is important, what I'm most interested in reading is the dialogue between yourself, Henry, Bernard, and whomever else you include in your story (the leader of the society you are visiting and at least one other citizen of this society). Additionally, I am very interested in reading what you are learning/have learned about the utopian/dystopian society you are visiting -- how you, Henry, and Bernard do/don't fit in and why, and what message you are communicating through your writing (theme).
  3. You will turn your first draft in as hardcopy, either hand written or typed. Regardless of whether you write or type your draft, you must double-space your writing or I will not collect it. You will type and post your second (final) draft on Nicenet in the designated section.
  4. Once you've posted your story, you are required to read and respond to the work of at least two of your classmates. In your responses, be sure to explain what you liked about the story - why, what you found interesting - why, and what you found confusing or uninteresting - why, and what you would've liked to have heard more about - why. Finally, share what you learned from reading this person's story.

Here are the rubrics with which your final drafts will be graded.

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