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Ready-Set-Tech: Words to Live by

Words to Live by

In Brave New World, Huxley has abolished the idea of local, city, state, and federal governments, replacing them with one comprehensive World State, a benevolent oligarchic dictatorship, ruled by ten world controllers, of which we meet Mustapha Mond, Resident World Controller of Western Europe. "History is bunk," is the personal motto of the controllers, perhaps fearing that historical awareness would lead to dissatisfaction with their "utopian" present, a world really based on Fordian America's obsession with mass production and consumerism, and Soviet Russia's suppression of individuality and intellectualism.

The motto of the World State is "Community, Identity, Stability." Every citizen is brainwashed and conditioned to know their identity as a caste member, not as an individual. Despite the differences between the castes, and the open and accepted racism the upper castes feel for the lower castes (the lower castes aren't smart enough to know they are hated, or to hate in exchange), the castes each know that they could not exist without each other...for the Alpha double-plusses would grow bored and frustrated performing the menial tasks of the Epsilon semi-morons, and, likewise, the Gamma technicians are not mentally astute enough to perform the laboratory tasks of the Betas (the Deltas are smarter than the Gammas and Epsilons, but dumber than the Alphas and Betas). So, each caste works together for the common good of the greater community. Since the World State is a productivist utopia geared toward the consumption of mass-produced goods, the world controllers make sure that each citizen is brainwashed to believe that, "ending is better than mending" --- that they should just keep buying new things to keep from owing anything old, and to keep the economy of their society consistently stable.

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