Mrs. Butler and Ms. Casaccio's Best Stargirl Lessons

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This unit, Individuality vs. Conformity, is centered on the reading of Jerry Spinelliís Stargirl.  Through participation in a variety of engaging learning activities, students arrive at a better understanding of the novel and its themes as a result of the relationship that is established between the reader and the text.  The Internet plays an integral role in the creation and success of this unit, as the myriad resources available permit the teacher to supplement the literature with real life connections.  Students view a music video, interview with an artist, as well as television commercials, all of which work to reinforce the concepts of individuality and the importance of staying true to oneself.  All learning activities are accompanied by group discussions through which students apply the plot and themes of Stargirl to the audio, video, or reading acquired via the Internet.  Additionally, the Internet has been a vital component within our classroom, as it has assisted in the modification of the unit for a Spanish speaking student. 

Furthermore, the unit concludes with the development of a new Student Manual.  This final project is intended to serve as a summation of the themes, issues, and ideas that have arisen throughout class discussions and activities.  Students are required to word process their additions to the manual and to refer to the Internet to import graphics and photos.  A scanner and digital camera are also essential to the creation of the manual, as student photos are present throughout the pages. 

The unit was designed for an average skills sixth grade Language Arts class and engages students in in-depth discussions about topics relevant to their own lives, particularly the adjustment to middle school.  The time frame for this unit is approximately five weeks.

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