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Final Project

Final Performance Task

Stargirl – Final Project

“All you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask…”

DUE DATE: _____________________

Through our reading of Stargirl, we have discussed many themes related to the issues faced by middle and high school students.  Since you now know all there is to know about Arlington Middle School, you will create a new “Student Manual” for those sixth graders entering AMS this upcoming September.  This manual will include all of the information new students want to know before entering middle school, but are never told.  Each student in the class will choose a topic that he or she will be responsible for explaining in the manual.  In addition, each student will submit a typed copy of his or her poem about any aspect of middle school life.  We will then assemble all of the sections into one class manual.  If you would like to cover a topic not listed below, you must first check with either Mrs. Butler or Ms. Casaccio to make sure it is acceptable.  **You MUST include pictures, diagrams, or examples to help explain your topic.** 

List of ideas:

1.   Making friends

2.   Intramurals (which ones the school offers/are the teams good or bad/practice times)

3.   How to read your schedule

4.   How to open your locker/what times to go to your locker

5.   Balancing your time

6.   Handling the new school work (types of work/amount of homework/extra help)

7.   Adjusting to a new building

8.   How to keep a planner

9.   Learning to become more independent

10. Different cliques in the school

11. Clubs (which ones the school offers/how often they meet/benefits of joining/how you sign up)

12. Cafeteria (where to sit/kind and quality of food)

13. Discipline (detentions/warnings/ISS/after school/recess)

14. Switching classes (how much time you are given/how to get to your next class on time)

15. How to find your classes (how the rooms are numbered)

16. Rumors

17. Bullies

18. Peer pressure

19. Student Council

20. Library (resources/how to use OPAC)

21. HACS/Art

22. Band (Instruments/practices/lessons/performances)

23. Chorus

24. Orchestra (Instruments/practices/lessons/performances)

25. School Dances (how often/who goes/where they are/what to wear)

26. Hall Passes

27. School Calendar (marking periods/holidays/testing/number of periods/how long)

28. School Trips (where/how often)

29. Student Dress Code (what’s acceptable, what’s not)

30. Gym (activities/how often/changing for gym/what to wear)



Student Manual Application

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