Mrs. Butler and Ms. Casaccio's Best Stargirl Lessons

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India Arie Music Video



            1.  Standard 1

                 Students will:

                        a.   interpret and analyze information from…audio and media presentations…

                        b.  compare and synthesize information from different sources

                        c.  relate new information to prior knowledge and experience

            2.  Standard 2

                 Students will:

                        a.  read and view texts and performances from a wide range of authors, subjects,

                             and genres

            3.  Standard 3

                 Students will:

                        a.  assess the quality of texts and presentations, using criteria related to the genre,

                             the subject area, and purpose

                        b.  understand that within any group there are many different points of view

                             depending on the particular interests and values of the individual, and

                             recognize those differences in perspective in texts and presentations

            4.  Standard 4

                 Students will:

a.  express ideas and concerns clearly and respectfully in conversations and group 




            1.  CD Player

            2.  Copy of India Arie’s song, “Video”

            3.  Class copies of the song lyrics

            4.  Music video for “Video”

            5.  Clip from interview with Arie

            6.  Discussion Questions



1.  Love has the ability to make one look beyond appearance and simply what is visible to   

     the eye.

2.  Music is a form of poetry in our world.

3.  The concept of individuality and loving oneself is a common theme in music and

     literature, as these issues are important and deserving of much attention.

4.  Music, like literature, possesses the power to touch all of us and incite thought within



Essential Questions:

1.      What is India Arie’s message through her song, “Video?”

2.      How does Arie feel about conformity?

3.      How does music shape our ideas of what is “normal.

4.      How is Arie similar to Stargirl?




Students will be able to:

1.      Determine how music is a form of poetry.

2.      Evaluate a song for its themes and message.

3.      Relate these themes to the novel, Stargirl.

4.      Recognize the various mediums through which expected behavior is conveyed to the public.

5.      Develop an appreciation for the roles that literature and music play in their lives.


Instructional Plan:

Learning Activities:

1.  Casaccio’s Question:  What does this saying mean to you?  “Be who you are and say

     what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t


2.  Discuss as a class. (2 minutes)

3.  Discuss how songs are a form of poetry.

4.  Play India Arie’s song, “Video,” aloud for the class twice.

5.  Play interview with Arie.

6.  Provide each student with a copy of the lyrics so that he or she may follow along.

7.  Break students up into groups of 2 or 3 to complete questions on Arie handout. (15


8.  Review questions aloud as a class.


Student Assessment/Reflection:

1.      The teacher can assess students’ ability to relate the themes of a song to the novel,

      indicating their understanding of both.

2.   The Do Now activity can be evaluated for students’ ability to interpret a phrase, judge

      its validity, and accurately apply it to a text and their own lives.

3.   The teacher can walk around the classroom and read students’ journal entries.  These

      entries require students to consider two different sources and apply them to each 

      other.  They will assess whether students are capable of doing so and will reflect their

      level of a deeper understanding of the text and its characters.



India Arie Music Video

Interview with India Arie



 Lyrics & Discussion Guide







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