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An Example of a Morning Routine (Early Grade) - Linda Kasarjian

Students' morning routines could include:

  • changing the books in the book baggies for Book Centers
  • putting their snack and lunch on the appropriate shelf
  • putting any notes for the teacher in the teacher's "apple box"
  • hanging their coats and book bags up in the closet
Morning routine occurs during morning Book Centers, which are created and 
chosen by the class.  5 students go to each area with a set of books chosen 
by theme and are called one group at a time to carry out morning routines: 
change book baggies for that night's read, put any notes in the teacher's 
"apple" box, put snack and/or lunch on the designated shelves and finally put 
book bags and coats away.  This is the time when students are able to check 
in with the teacher, ask questions, and take care of business before the day gets 
started.  Management works beautifully as only one group is called to do 
morning routines at a time and I have some one on one time with that group 
until the next group is called, and so on. The children work quite well in 
their Book Centers as they are able to chose the one they want as long as 
there is room (they go to a different Book Center each day).  
This takes about 20 minutes.
Book Centers







Book Centers are where children meet in small groups with bins of books with a particular theme that the children have chosen.  The five themes of the week are listed on the board.  Students put their thumbs up to show that they have chosen a Book Center.  They are then called to go to their tables. They must go to a different book center each day.

Teacher's Apple Box
The teacher's "in box" .. where notes to the teacher will go.


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