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New Teachers Online: How-To Articles: Use New Technology to Reinforce Instruction

"Centering" Your Classroom
Ann Stephenson

You may have noticed in the past year or two that centers in the classroom have once again become the vogue and both principals and the “academic auditors” will be looking for them when they visit your classroom. Another reason for you to incorporate them in your lesson plans is that they are a great way to defuse any behavior problems, depending on the number of computers you have available. Computer centers will also allow you to have more time to devote to smaller or individual reading or math groups.

Students may work alone or together to solve reading, math, social studies challenges or even try their skills at typing, cursive handwriting, spelling, or a foreign language.  

Below is a list of links that will engage your students. During the course of the summer, add to this list, bookmark the sites, and when classes start, post a couple of them on the board each week so the entire class will be able to participate in the same activities. You may even be able to glean a few grades from them. Many of the sites listed have more than one subject on it, so you may want to copy and paste them into other headings.



Mr. Picasso head

Elementary Education Resources: Art and Architecture

Cursive Handwriting

Handwriting for Kids
The student may select a letter and watch the moving arrow as it forms it.

Lesson Plan Library.com
Free teacher resources.

Foreign Language

Language Lessons on the Go
A repetition-based beginning course that will repeat the words as often as necessary.

Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources
A compendium of resources for teachers.


Interactive Resources

A Plus Math

Cool Math
Includes math games for kids of all ages.  

Kidspiration Make ‘N Take       

Math Playground

Johnnie’s Math Page.com
Links to interactive math tools and activities for students and teachers. 

Math Is Fun
This website if great for both teachers and students. It has a large dictionary of math words, explains how to do the problems along with visuals, and provides many fun math games.


Fun Brain

It’s Fun to Read
Good for beginning readers.

Pro Teacher Directory
An intermediate grade site for reading.


National Geographic

National Geographic Kids 

e-Learning for Kids

Primary Games

Social Studies

Social Studies for Kids

National Geographic for Kids
Offers videos, games, facts and other social studies topics.


Gamma Keys

Free Typing Game



Pro Teacher Directory
Wonderful sources for language arts teachers.

Writing across the Content Areas

One way to extend your collection of lesson websites is to ask your students to help you, either as a homework project or in class. This will also assist them in learning how to research on the Internet.

Do you have a question or comment about this article? E-mail me.


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