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My Bookmarks
Carl Sannito

In my previous column, I wrote a little about how hard it can be to organize all the web sites one comes across over time. I mean, I have seen lots of web sites over the years, but I don't always have time the moment I see the site to determine if it's something I want to use with students. I needed a way to save them for later.

Here's what I do:

I have a free account with www.mybookmarks.com. It's accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. It allows me to set up folders (the same way you can in Internet Explorer or Netscape). Since I'm a computer lab teacher, I set up three grade appropriate folders (primary, intermediate, and middle school). Then I added a fourth folder for web sites that I haven't investigated completely.

As I bump into a web site (at work, home, a conference, where ever), I simply add the site to my uninvestigated folder. When I get time, I look at the sites in that folder and I either delete them or move them to the age appropriate folder.

It even comes with an icon that can appear in your system tray so when you want to add a site, it's simply a click away.

I could write more, but all you need to know is on that site.

Check it out.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me.


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