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How-To: Get Started

Lots of Celebrating Going On!  Rosemary Shaw

November is an exciting month. America might have Thanksgiving but other  countries have holidays in November, too. For example Mexico celebrates Los  Dias de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. On November 1, many Mexicans build  altars and decorate with skulls, as a way of honoring dead loved ones. Families  will leave offerings of food, fruits, and loaves of bread, pan de muertos, for  the departed souls.  

In early December in Nicaragua, they celebrate La Purisima by going from house to house singing  songs and in the evening, children are given candy and fruits and a single  firecracker to be let off at midnight.  I think it would be a great idea to create a calendar, listing as many  different holidays from as many different countries as possible. This might be  a great way to introduce MSExcel to your classroom. 

There is also a site:  called  Holiday Math that gives some fun math activities with holiday themes.  

You can find more holidays by going to The Multicultural Calendar.

There are so many other activities' going on in November that it is hard
to know where to begin! One of the first places I go these days is to the Study 
Plans Page. I love all the links, but the site is hard to navigate. So, don't  go to the  homepage, just do what I do: type in the address with the correct  month! 

Example: for October: http://studyplans.com/october.htm
And for November: http://studyplans.com/november.htm

Oh, by the way, Happy Thanksgiving!


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