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How to Complete the Cumulative Record Card Allison Demas

The front of a cumulative record card has 3 sections that need to be updated.

1. Information regarding siblings of the students is entered here. You need to mark the current school year. You also must mark the number of brothers and sisters, older and younger. You need to interview the students or interview the parents in order to ascertain this information.

2. This sections should show the student's current address and telephone number. You could ask each student for this information or you could request the information from the parents. If a parent informs you of a change in address or telephone number, you must note this change on all documentation for the student (i.e. cumulative record card and emergency contact card).

3. Current class information is listed in this section. You should insert your school number and borough code (i.e. 210K for P.S. 210 in Brooklyn). Then list the current class (i.e. K-220) and the date the student entered that class (i.e. 9/5/03). Then you should list your own last name. These items should be completed as soon as you receive the cumulative record card. The portion marked "Attendance" should be completed at the end of the school year or in the event a student is discharged from your class. If you do not have your own system of recording attendance, then you can request a students' "Attendance History" from your attendance teacher or secretary. The number of 'Days Present' and 'Days Absent' should equal the total number of days the student was enrolled in your class. 

The next area refers to transfers or discharges. If a student is promoted from your grade to the next, you should write in the new class designation (i.e. 1-210), the date of the promotion (i.e. 6/28/03) and the word 'promoted' as the reason. If a student is transferred to another class or another school during the school year, then you should write in the new class or school and the date of the official discharge from your class. This record card must follow the student to his or her new class or school in a timely fashion. If the transfer is within your own school then you should complete this section and pass the record on to the new teacher. If the student is transferring to another school, then you should complete this section and give the entire folder to your Pupil Accounting Secretary. 

The back of a cumulative record card has 4 sections that need to be updated.

4. VERY IMPORTANT Any time you meet with a parent for a significant meeting you must note it in this section. If a parent met with you for the November Parent Teacher Conference you need to write "11/02" "PTC - mother & father" "Your name - teacher". If you have a telephone conference with a parent it should also be noted here. If you have arranged a meeting with a parent and the parent did not attend or try to contact you to arrange another meeting, then you should list the date of the meeting and the words "Did Not Attend." 

5. Any special needs or abilities displayed by the student should be itemized in this section. This is the area that would reflect if a student receives musical instruction at school (a member of a school orchestra) or displays exceptional artistic ability. If a student receives special counseling (i.e. Project Liberty after 9/11) or guidance or speech therapy, it should be noted.

6. This section is for kindergarten teachers only. It is very straightforward. You need to list the current school year (Sept. 02 -- June 03). The rating key is alongside the areas to be assessed. 

7. The grades for students from the first grade onward appear in this section. The rating key is at the bottom (E, G, S, N, U). These grades must coincide with the grades on the student's report card. As with everything else, you must be prepared to support your grading so keep records and samples of work. 


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