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NYC Helpline: How To: Manage Your Classroom
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Minimum Expectations
Bonnie Glasgold

A teacher needs to set expectations so that the students know what criteria they have to meet. This is important in every grade level. The following is an example of minimum expectations that can be geared to all grade levels. They should be made known on the very first day of class, right after you go over class rules and routines.

Minimum Expectations

What each student must do in order to pass this class:

  1. Attendance: Is required each day unless you are sick or have some legitimate reason for not being present in class. The attendance office must verify all absent notes.

  2. Punctuality: You must be in your assigned seat at the bell. Entering the room as the late bell sounds means that you are late. After the third lateness, your parent will be notified.

  3. Preparation for Class:These items are to be brought to class each day:

    1. pen
    2. pencil
    3. notebook
    4. homework assignment
    5. supplies

  4. Homework Assignments: Since this subject has approximately ______lessons, it is expected that you will complete that number of written homework assignments.
    1. Homework is to have the full heading, and have the homework number.
    2. Homework is to be neatly done.
    3. Homework is to be handed in on time.
    4. One section (or separate notebook) is to be set aside for homework.
    5. Missing three (3) or more homeworks will result in a failing grade for the marking period.

  5. Class Participation: Since all subjects include the development of speaking, reading, and writing abilities, there must be active participation in all these areas. Therefore, you may be called upon to:
    1. Answer homework questions orally or at the board.
    2. Volunteer to answer questions asked by your teacher or classmates.
    3. Listen to your teacher and classmates when they are speaking.

  6. Tests and Quizzes: It is expected that you will be given a minimum of ____ full period exams during the course of the term. Each test will include short answers and essays. Quizzes will be given.

  7. Notebooks: Notebooks should include all class notes, all homeworks, and all “handouts.” Each lesson should be on a separate page with a full heading, including date. Notebooks will be graded.

  8. Behavior: Each student is expected to behave in an orderly and respectful manner. Students are expected to follow the school rules with regard to hats, do rags, cell phones, and walkmans.

  9. Out of Room Pass: The pass is to be used for emergencies only. Students who abuse pass privileges will lose them.


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