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NYC Helpline: How To: What You Need to Know
How to Jump-Start Your Partnership with Parents Allison Demas

Portion of Sample Letter

Dear Parents,

I would like to explain a few of the class rules.

  1. School begins at 8:30. Attendance and punctuality are very important. In order for your child to receive the full benefit of this school year your child must be in school, on time, everyday. If your child is absent, please send a note explaining the absence. Patterns of absences and lateness will be questioned. Unfortunately, your child is the one who will miss the opportunities presented during those absences.

  2. Uniforms are to be worn on a daily basis. This is a school rule.

  3. Your child should have a folder. The folder should be brought to school and back home each day. Please check your child's folder every night. Any notices will be kept in this folder. Please remove the notices from your child’s folder so that I know you have seen them.

  4. Your child will need 3 marble notebooks. One will be a homework notebook that will go home everyday. Two will be used for reading and writing notebooks and will remain in school.

  5. The children will be receiving an Everyday Mathematics workbook. The pages from the front half of the worksbook have been removed for your child to use in school. Your child’s name and a number will be written on the front of the workbook. Please cover the book and rewrite your child’s name and number on the cover.

    The children will also receive Everyday Mathematics At Home Books 1, 2, and 3 (small books). These books were created for you to work with you child at home on the same topics your child will be studying at school. Pages 1 through 20 of the workbook are to be used with Book 1. Pages 21 through 32 of the workbook are to be used with Book 2. Pages 33 through 44 of the workbook are to be used with Book 3.

    You will be receiving a montly schedule of the homework assignments in both, the Mathematics workbook and the At Home Books.

  6. Homework is assigned daily. The children will receive a homework page in their notebooks. Each of these pages is designed so that the children can do it by themselves. The purpose is to teach responsibility and independence. However, I suggest that you check to make sure the homework is completed correctly. Please sign the homework.


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