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TeachNet Everywhere Grant: Japanese Language Immersion at Home

Project URL:

How it works:
This project was created for my students to be able to review Japanese literacy skills at home using teacher-made activities. Most of their parents do not speak or know any Japanese. My website helps students review and reinforce Japanese skills, and also allows their parents to learn the Japanese language and culture. The students have a chance to share and teach what they have learned via the Internet in the classroom. We learn best when we teach others!

Standards addressed:  
This project addresses two foreign language national standards: Students use the language both within and beyond the school; Students show evidence of becoming life-long learners by using the language for personal enjoyment and enrichment.

Conventional literacy skill tests are still valid for use in this unit. You may conduct a survey after students have been exposed to this website. You can ask students how many times they access it in a week, how they enjoy the Internet activities, whether or not their skills have improved, and so on.

Overall value:
It is still fascinating to me that students will practice and review Japanese literacy skills at home using the Internet. Before, this was possible only via boring worksheet homework. The students were more motivated and confident, because they can share and brag to their parents about what they are doing in school. My website will be useful for any teacher of Japanese language who wants his or her students to review and practice literacy skills in a new and dynamic way.
We as teachers tend to give students worksheets to practice and review lesson content. It works with some students, but not with others. We need to be more sensitive to multiple intelligences, and this website stimulates students who have been turned off by traditional pencil and paper.


Teacher: Atsuko Ando

About the teacher:
Atsuko Ando is an elementary school teacher at Richmond Elementary School in Portland, Oregon.

E-mail: ando@pps.k12.or.us

Subject Areas:                           
Foreign Language

Grade Levels: 
4th grade, but can be adapted for a slightly younger or older class.



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