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I teach Art at Simpson Academy for Young Women, grades 9-12. I get down on my knees on a regular basis and thank god I get to teach the most fun subject there is.

The curriculum I plan on developing at WIT is titled "WHO, WHAT, HOW" and it centers on students developing a sense of self, strengths, and resources as they figure out what they want to do as a career. Many of my students are first-generation college students, so a major portion of my curriculum will deal with these issues, helping students demystify the college experience and tap into existing resources and community programs to develop the persistence necessary to succeed. Woven throughout will be art projects that will enable them to express their uniqueness.

For fun, I like to read, but that is challenging because I just never have the time to read, so my solution is to have about 6 books (non-fiction is my bag) going on at the same time. I am reading a very cool book by Henry Giroux who is very into class and cultural issues, plus texts for the two classes I am taking, plus researching the myth of Medousa for a puppet play I am creating. What do you want to know about Medousa, Athena, and Poseidon?

My favorite art-making is sculpture, mostly because it is messy and has an element of danger.

I love teaching art! I often tell my students that in order to do art well, you need to know everything: history, science, math, literature, drama, dance, poetry, philosophy, social studies, religion, plus art techniques, in addition to knowing yourself. Pretty tall order.

With that in mind, I encourage my students to re-evaluate the notion that art is the "easy" subject.

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