These are a few of my Favorite Sites
Art, social issues, tolerance, media busting, and a few new ones
I just learned from my new buddies at WIT.

Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters
Vancouver based anti-consumerist magazine Adbusters. Famous for their spoof ads.
When you are in a Post Modern mood, or you have given your students the assignment to get some ads and deconstruct them for the sexist and blind consumerist messages dripping off the magazine pages, this is the site for you. The "subvertisements" are awesome. Provides links that will even get you to the "How to" page to trade voice boxes with Barbie and GI Joe. I like Google, but then again, Dogpile is like an old research buddy. Works best using Boolean logic type search phrases (all lower case, + signs, encased in quotation marks I.E. "african +american +quotations" [note the space BEFORE the + sign, but that there is NOT one after the + sign, which is where the logic falls apart for me]) A site for lifelong learners. I know, you have seen a million educator sites by now, but this one is really well maintained with top drawer links.
PBS Teacher Resource I know everyone knows about this one, but I love it because not only are the historical documentaries amazing, but you can buy the videos or books or encourage you friendly librarian to purchase them to use in your classroom.

ArtsEdNet I really use this site. The link to Jacob Lawrence and the Migration Series, as well as the Harriet TUbman series, well, just everything Jacob Lawrence has ever done is thorough and full of lesson plan ideas. Has lesson plans for tons of contemporary artists, which I like a great deal because the issues that these artists have struggled with mirror many of the issues students deal with.

Teach Tolerance Great magazine, even greater website for taking kids to the computer lab to work on tolerance issues in an interactive way. Looks, good, too.

Young Chicago Authors
I want to incorporate the use of poetry and rap into my art curriculum, and I am looking forward to using this resource that was shared with me at WIT
Great Exhibits from around the World!
What a great find. Awesome resource to all kinds of museums, not just art.
Contextual and Project based learning links
ISTE's Learning and Leading Home Page


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