"Sitting on Top of The World"
Simpson Academy received an "Expanding the High School Arts" grant Spring 2003.
We created mosaics inpired by cultural designs from our global community.
These mosaics were then applied to concrete benches and planters.
"Self-forgetness in creativity can lead to self-transcendance." Sylvia Ashton Warner

A view of the Southeast corner of our school, where 5 benches are placed in a circle to enhance discussion.

The designs on this bench were inspired by Oceanic Art.

This bench has Mexican, African, Australian Aborigine, Celtic, Oceanic, and Japanese designs.

This design was inspired by a Nigerian Bark Painting. We used traditional African colors.

The designs on this bench were inspired by Ghana, Japan, Greece, China, and Ancient Turkey. It includes a Labyrinth design.

This is a Peruvian design of a mother lioness holding her cub.


Two planters and a bench were placed at the front of the school. We used many cultural designs that referred to plants, such as this lotus from Egypt.