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What Characteristics Distinguish Successful Schools?


What Characteristics Distinguish Successful Schools? (3.7)

What makes a successful school? Students should achieve at a high level, and complete requirements for graduation. Schools should achieve results that surpass those expected from comparable schools. Successful schools improve.

The characteristics of a successful school.

  • Strong Leadership
  • High expectations.Teachers have high expectations of their student's achievements.
  • Emphasis on basic skills.A strong emphasis on reading, writing and math computation.
  • Orderly school environment.Discipline problems are at a minimum. Frequent, systematic evaluation of student learning.Learning is monitored, if difficulties arise, remediation is provided.
  • Sense of purpose.everyone has a strong sense of purpose.
  • Collegiality and a sense of community.the staff at successful schools work well together.

Strategies for making schools more effective.

  • Focus on student learning. All students are expected to achieve academic excellence.
  • There is an emphasis on authentic pedagogy. Students are expected to think and apply
    academic learning to realistic problems.There is a greater school organizational capacity. Schools
    strive for continuous improvement through professional collaboration.
  • There is greater external support; the school receives outside support.

Activity 1 (don't forget to label this activity 1, modular 3.7)

Go to http://firn.edu search "effective schools". Use the form "Rating Our School" provided in this section, and rate your school. Use at least three resources and list them on the form. You can use teachers, security, administration, secretaries, and any school board member. You can also use our county web site,http://browardschools.com . Tell me wht grade you gave our school! Don't forget to use the information provided in this section!


Rating Our School
Characteristics of a good school

Characteristics of a good school Excellent
Strong Leadership        
High Expectations        
Emphasis on Basic Skills        
Orderly School Environment        
Frequent, systematic evaluation of student learning        
Sense of purpose        
Collegiality and sense of community        
Strategies for making a school better xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx
Focus on student learning        
Emphasis on Authentic Pedagogy        
Great School Organizational capacity        
Greater External; Support        

Calculate the percent by taking total points earned over total possible points, and set up a proportion with what we want to know over 100.
Total earned = (total points earned)/(110) X (?%)/(100)

List three resources____________________________________________________


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