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The Music Quest: Answer 14

About This Daily Classroom Special
The Music Quest  focuses on discovering the wonders of our musical universe. Visit it for a musical question—a description and hints about a mystery composer, musician, instrument or musical excerpt.
The Music Quest was written  by former Teachers Network Web Mentor Kristi Thomas, a teacher at  William F. Halley Elementary School Fairfax Station, Virginia.

Answer 14

Drums Corps International (DCI) is a non-profit youth organization dedicated to a uniquely American activity, the drum and bugle corps. Officially formed in 1972, DCI has developed into a powerful youth activity which has involved thousands of students between the ages of 14 and 22 in the pure joy of learning to march and play with extraordinary precision. Millions of people each year are entertained by the DCI Corps who travel and compete in shows throughout North America. The DCI World Championships are telecast "live" each year on PBS.

Drums and bugle corps emerged in World War I when veterans formed groups to perform in parades to celebrate patriotism. The instruments played in these units were traditional no-valve brass and rudimentary drums. These groups expanded over the years to become legitimate musical units with a more competitive goal. During the 1960's and 1970's, the corps evolved from their military roots into groups which were more suburban. The music ranged from classical to pop, and the instruments used spanned the full range of bell-front, rotor and multi-valve brass horns and percussion instruments.

DCI celebrated it's Silver Anniversary in 1997, and continues to showcase the world's best drum and bugle corps. The World Championship that I attended was one of the most exciting musical experiences I have ever had. Don't miss a chance to experience a DCI show if one comes to your area. It represents extraordinary musical and physical dedication in a marching presentation that is truly a thrill.

The 2001 Champs were the Cavaliers, who are sponsored by the Village of Rosemont, Illinois.


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