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Math Links & Resources: Pre-Algebra
resources & links Teachers Network Math


  1. Bargain at the Fair- Students will decide between full passes or admission plus ride tickets. Use data from your own local fair to make this more meaningful.
  2. Basic Arithmetic - Upon complettion of this unit, students will have practice on positive/negative numbers, numerical expressions, properties of numbers, estimation, and problem solving.
  3. Beat the Calculator - a weekly service from B. Lee Clay
  4. Brain Binders - Puzzles with paper folding

  5. Click on Bricks - An interactive mathematics site for learning basic multiplication skills.
  6. Coolmath.com - for teachers, parents and kids ages 13-100!

  7. Escape from Knab - an adventure simulation

  8. Fun with Numbers - Interesting number facts and number resources to aid in your enjoyment of integers and real numbers alike.

  9. Interactive Math Activities - TeachersNetwork links to online games and lessons in math.

  10. Logic Puzzles

  11. Magic Squares, Magic Stars & Other Patterns - This site has three sections, with pages on magic squares, magic stars (a lot of original material) and miscellaneous number patterns. This site should be of interest to middle and high school students and teachers, and anyone interested in recreational mathematics.
  12. Math in Daily Life from Annenberg/CPB and inspired by the video For All Practical Purposes
  13. Mathemagic Activities - learn how to do mathemagic tricks based on simple mathematics.
  14. Mathmania This is a resource site for students and teachers. Mathematicians post open math Problem Solving and Mathematical Reasonings. Feedback is encouraged between students and the mathematicians. This site is a work in progress. There are a variety of hands-on activities.
  15. Miami Zoo Students will work with measurment, area, and volume. This lesson can be easily modified to work with a local attraction

  16. Plane Math - applications of flying in math
  17. The Prime Page Cool stuff about Prime Numbers

  18. Teaching Mathematics in the Middle and Secondary Schools - 40 lesson plans created by teachers from Florida. Covers grades 4-12. Lessons contain detailed explanations and directions. A number of the lessons are integrated with other disciplines. NCTM standards are documented. Some lessons utilize websites. Projects require practical use of math in real life situations. More than 30 lessons with fairly simple preparation. Lessons require 1 to 2 days.

  19. Weather Unit: Math Applications
  20. Weather - Finding Averages Students use temperature data to find the high, the low, as well as the mean, median, and mode.
  21. Word Math Problems for Kids - Grades 5 through 12

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Nancy Powell is a Web Mentor for the Teachers Network and the Lead Teacher of the Mathematics Department at Bloomington High School in Bloomington, IL
For more information or comments about these math pages, contact
Nancy Powell at npowell@bhs-ms.org


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