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Math Links & Resources: Middle School Math
resources & links Teachers Network Math

Middle School Math

  1. AAA Math - new math web site for K-8 students. It has hundreds of pages of interactive practice and math explanations. There is no charge for using this site.
  2. Abacus: The Art of Calculating with Beads - This site includes a Java-abacus, the history and instructions for its use!
  3. About Today's Date - a nice site that gives history and facts about the numbers in today's date.
  4. Animated Math Glossary - definitions and visuals of math vocabulary for grades one through eight.
  5. Appetizers and Lessons for Math and Reason - Interesting site for developing your own lessons or tutoring and enrichment beyond classroom instruction. Useful to high school students and math teachers.
  6. Arithmetic Lesson Plans - This list contains some of the best sites for individual arithmetic lesson plans or materials on which to base them.
  7. Arithmetic and Algebra - Interactive Mathematic Miscellany and Puzzles
  8. Ask Dr. Math - Have a K-12 Math Question? Ask Dr. Math!
  9. Awesome Library - Math lesson plans for elementary and middle school

  10. Bargain at the Fair - Try this one with your own fair!
  11. Baseball and Math - problems by difficulty, baseball trivia and more.
  12. Basic Arithmetic - Upon complettion of this unit, students will have practice on positive/negative numbers, numerical expressions, properties of numbers, estimation, and problem solving.
  13. Beat the Calculator - a weekly service from B. Lee Clay
  14. Brain Binders - Puzzles with paper folding
  15. Brain Teasers - Puzzles for third to seventh-graders and older.

  16. Calculators and Technology in Math
  17. Click on Bricks - An interactive mathematics site for learning basic multiplication skills.
  18. Coolmath.com - for teachers, parents and kids ages 13-100!

  19. Decimals, Whole Numbers, and Exponents - information that you wished you would have learned

  20. Escape from Knab - an adventure simulation
  21. The ExplorerTM is a collection of educational resources (instructional software, lab activities, lesson plans, student created materials ...) for K-12 mathematics and science education. Many resources are available in the Adobe Acrobat format that is readable by Macintosh, Windows and other OSs.
  22. Escher and Tessellations - lessons, activities, links, and more to give your eyes a treat!

  23. Five Geokids Puzzle Pages
  24. Fractals - What are they? What do they look like? Create your own and experience a feast for your eyes at these sites.
  25. Fractions - everything you wanted to know....about fractions.
  26. Fun with Numbers - Interesting number facts and number resources to aid in your enjoyment of integers and real numbers alike.

  27. Geometry for all ages - links that will keep you fascinated for hours!
  28. Good News Bears - On line interdisciplinary project specifically designed for middle school students and teachers. This project revolves around an interactive stock market competetition between classmates using real time stock market data from the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. There are lesson plans, reproducible pages, and student forms.
  29. Googleplex - and other big numbers.
  30. Governmental Resources for Mathematics - lessons, activities and more from sites including the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury, Regional Educational Labs, and U.S. Department of Education!

  31. History of Math - wonderful sites for all kinds of research!

  32. Integers - a good resource from the Math League
  33. Interactive Math Activities - online games and lessons in math.
  34. Introduction to Algebra

  35. Java Kali - explore symmetry and make fantastic patterns
  36. Just an Usual Day at Unusual School - Students perform a play which takes place in a school where some of the students always lie and the rest alway s tell the truth. Terry, the protagonist, is trying to find out which students are which, but at the beginning, there is no way of knowing whom to believe.

  37. The Largest Known Prime

  38. Magic Squares This unit by Forum Teacher Associate Suzanne Alejandre is designed for middle and older elementary school students, and includes classroom activities for four different squares: Lo Shu, Sator, Dürer, and Franklin, demonstrating number complexity and symmetry. Links and suggestions for history, geography, and writing activities for teachers interested in interdisciplinary work are included.
  39. Magic Squares, Magic Stars & Other Patterns - This site has three sections, with pages on magic squares, magic stars (a lot of original material) and miscellaneous number patterns. This site should be of interest to middle and high school students and teachers, and anyone interested in recreational mathematics.
  40. Mandelbrot Midlevels Competition - The topics covered in the Competition are similar to those covered in MathCounts, such as arithmetic, counting techniques, elementary algebra, and geometry.
  41. Math BaseballTake a swing to solve a problem and get a hit, on this fun Website for practicing math.
  42. Math Games - from FunBrain.com
  43. Math in Daily Life from Annenberg/CPB and inspired by the video For All Practical Purposes
  44. Mathemagic Activities - learn how to do mathemagic tricks based on simple mathematics.
  45. MathMagic is a K-12 telecommunications project developed in El Paso, Texas. It provides strong motivation for students to use computer technology while increasing problem-solving strategies and communications skills. MathMagic posts challenges in each of four categories (k-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12) to trigger each registered team to pair up with another team and engage in a problem-solving dialog. When an agreement has been reached, one solution is posted for every pair.
  46. Mathematics and... Art, Things to make, and Spreadsheets.
  47. Mathematics Learning Forums Internet math seminars for Elementary and Middle school teachers
  48. MegaMath! is intended to bring unusual and important mathematical ideas to elementary school classrooms so that young people and their teachers can think about them together. Activities included in this well-designed site are supported by background information, concepts, materials, and more. These lessons cover all the strands and grade levels K-8.
  49. Miami Zoo Students will work with measurment, area, and volume. This lesson can be easily modified to work with a local attraction.
  50. Money Math - sites that explore math and money.
  51. Mr. Pitonyak's Pyramid Puzzle - How much would it cost to build an ancient Egyptian pyramid today? An interdisciplinary math project idea for middle school students.
  52. Multicultural Math Fair

  53. 90 Middle School (geometry) Math Applets

  54. Our Town This lesson uses and/or introduces new tools in geography, math, and science to make observations and draws conclusions on the local temperature variations in your area.

  55. Pentominoes - explorations, activities, lessons and more!
  56. Percent and Probability - good information and nicely presented
  57. Pi - facts and interesting information!
  58. PlaneMath is a set of on-line lessons and activities that invites children to experience the excitement, power, and fun of mathematics and aeronautics. The project targets 4-7th grade students in schools across the country. The on-line lessons and activities will be useful to students in mainstream general education as well as special education settings. All lessons are responsive to the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
  59. Polyhedra - all you'll ever need to know about these 3-D geometrical shapes!
  60. Positive and Negative Numbers - their connection with the number line and lots more.
  61. Probability, Statistics and using Data - a good selection of websites!

  62. Ratio and Proportion - need info on this? Check here!
  63. Role of Manipulatives in Mathematics

  64. Searching for Solutions - a great WebQuest for teaching problem solving strategies.
  65. Skydome Unit Plan
  66. SkyMath -- This Web Page is designed for middle school mathematics teachers by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. The goal of the pilot project is to demonstrate that acquiring and using current environmental and real-time weather data in middle school classrooms, in ways that embrace the dynamic and the uncertain natures of these data, will promote the teaching and learning of significant mathematics, consistent with the standards set by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
  67. Statistics - activities, data sources, and links
  68. Suzanne's Mathematics Lessons

  69. Taking Stock : A six lesson unit on the stock market. Worksheets are included with each activity. Grade levels could be from 7 grade and above.
  70. Tangrams - lessons, activities, and more!
  71. Teaching Mathematics in the Middle and Secondary Schools - 40 lesson plans created by teachers from Florida. Covers grades 4-12. Lessons contain detailed explanations and directions. A number of the lessons are integrated with other disciplines. NCTM standards are documented. Some lessons utilize websites. Projects require practical use of math in real life situations. More than 30 lessons with fairly simple preparation. Lessons require 1 to 2 days.
  72. Technology and Calculators in Math
  73. Tessellations and Escher - lessons, activities, links, and more to give your eyes a treat!

  74. Understanding Algebraic Factoring While working through algebraic factoring it is helpful to remember that all you are doing is working with breaking up and putting back together squares and rectangles!
  75. Understanding Factoring Through GeometryA collection of lessons on factoring from Forum Teacher Associate Suzanne Alejandre. Using algebra tiles, students find a geometric basis for factoring.

  76. Weather - Finding Averages Students use temperature data to find the high, the low, as well as the mean, median, and mode.
  77. Word Problems - problems are arranged in grade levels - Grades 5 through 12
  78. Math Problems for Kids - Grades 5 through 12

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Nancy Powell is a Web Mentor for the Teachers Network and the Lead Teacher of the Mathematics Department at Bloomington High School in Bloomington, IL
For more information or comments about these math pages, contact
Nancy Powell at npowell@bhs-ms.org


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