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Math Links & Resources: Math Freebies
resources & links Teachers Network Math

Math Freebies

  1. Brain Binders - Each page linked below contains one puzzle with a finished picture. The goal is to fold the puzzle into a shape with a solid color on each side. Simply print, cut out, and fold to match the finished picture...it sounds easy until you try it! All you need is a sheet of paper and a brain.
  2. Free Catalogs - If you need catalogs for cutting up or sources for your lessons - here's a way to get LOTS of them.
  3. Free Materials Page - Sharp offers various support materials to assist teachers and educators in the classroom. Teachers guides and activity books help to assist and support teachers with classroom lessons and applications. In addition, calculator posters and overhead transparencies are also available for use in the classroom. A max of three of each title is allowed.
  4. The Free Site
  5. Free Stuff from ENC - Quick and easy access to free materials from publishers and from ENC!
  6. Free Things for your Students or Classroom - From NEA
  7. Freebies from Think.com
  8. Graph Paper Printer - FREE software to download to print graph paper with cartesian or polar coordinates including linear, logarithmic, quadratic or gaussian.
  9. Interact's Free Activities - nice activities ready to print but you must have Acrobat Reader (free download from Apple's site) on your computer to access them.
  10. Puzzlemaker from Discovery School - create your own puzzles and even store them in your own directory online
  11. School Express - free worksheets, activities, software and more!

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Nancy Powell is a TeachNet Web Mentor and the Lead Teacher of the Mathematics Department at Bloomington High School in Bloomington, IL
For more information or comments about these math pages, contact
Nancy Powell at npowell@bhs-ms.org


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