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Math Links & Resources: Elementary Math
resources & links Teachers Network Math

Elementary Math

  1. A+ Math - Math flashcards, math word find puzzle, flashcard creator, worksheets, games, and more.
  2. AAA Math - new math web site for grade school level students. It has hundreds of pages of interactive practice and math explanations. There is no charge for using this site.
  3. Abacus: The Art of Calculating with Beads - This site includes a Java-abacus, the history and instructions for its use!
  4. About Today's Date - a nice site that gives history and facts about the numbers in today's date.
  5. allmath.com - Math glossary, flashcards, metric conversions, biographies of the month, magic squares, and more.
  6. Animated Math Glossary - definitions and visuals of math vocabulary for grades one through eight.
  7. Arithmetic Activities for first grade
  8. Arithmetic Lesson Plans - This list contains some of the best sites for individual arithmetic lesson plans or materials on which to base them.
  9. Arithmetic and Algebra - Interactive Mathematic Miscellany and Puzzles
  10. Arithmetic Resources from the Math Forum
  11. Ask Dr. Math - Have a K-12 Math Question? Ask Dr. Math!
  12. Aunty Math - fun math challenges for kids.
  13. Awesome Library - Math lesson plans for elementary and middle school

  14. Baseball and Math - problems by difficulty, baseball trivia and more
  15. Basic Arithmetic - Upon complettion of this unit, students will have practice on positive/negative numbers, numerical expressions, properties of numbers, estimation, and problem solving.
  16. Beat the Calculator - a weekly service from B. Lee Clay
  17. Berit's Best Sites for Children
  18. Brain Binders - Puzzles with paper folding
  19. Brain Teasers - Puzzles for third to seventh-graders and older.

  20. Calculators and Technology in Math
  21. Cuisenaire Learning Materials
  22. CyberKids

  23. The ExplorerTM is a collection of educational resources (instructional software, lab activities, lesson plans, student created materials ...) for K-12 mathematics and science education. Many resources are available in the Adobe Acrobat format that is readable by Macintosh, Windows and other OSs.
  24. Escher and Tessellations - lessons, activities, links, and more to give your eyes a treat!

  25. The FAMILY MATH HomePage
  26. Fastball Fractions - for a color Macintosh
  27. Figure This! - Math challenges for children and their families.
  28. First Grade Math Lessons - hundreds of pages of free interactive arithmetic lessons, problems and games for grade 1
  29. Flashcards for Kids - Customize your flashcards, practice with or without a timer
  30. Food Production
  31. Fresh Baked Fractions - a fraction game
  32. Fractals - What are they? What do they look like? Create your own and experience a feast for your eyes at these sites.
  33. Fun with Numbers - Interesting number facts and number resources to aid in your enjoyment of integers and real numbers alike.

  34. Governmental Resources for Mathematics - lessons, activities and more from sites including the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury, Regional Educational Labs, and U.S. Department of Education!

  35. History of Math - wonderful sites for all kinds of research!

  36. Geometry Forum - Shapiro,Geometry Through Art
  37. Geometry Resources for Prospective Elementary Teachers

  38. Interactive Math Activities - online games and lessons in math.
  39. Internet Resources for Elementary Mathematics Educators by Donna DeVore Metler.

  40. Kids Web - Mathematics - meta-index with broad range of articles, games, puzzles, and demonstrations to explore math.
  41. Kindergarten Math Games - lots of Interactive lessons for kindergarten

  42. Learning Kingdom Playground - play games that teach you the special words used for groups of animals, how to square two-digit numbers that end in five, and how to multiply two-digit numbers by eleven.
  43. Lesson Plans Page - lesson plans for math and other subjects (over 900 free lesson plans)

  44. Math Baseball - Take a swing to solve a problem and get a hit, on this fun Website for practicing math.
  45. Math, Baseball & the San Francisco Giants!!! - an Internet Activity about Math, Baseball, & the San Francisco Giants!
  46. Math Drill - Ultimate drill site taking students through 32 levels of math computation.
  47. Math for Kids - A Medieval Adventure in Problem-solving written by two fourth graders for fourth graders
  48. Math Games - from FunBrain.com
  49. Math in Daily Life from Annenberg/CPB and inspired by the video For All Practical Purposes
  50. Math Stories - 4000 word problems for grades 1-5.
  51. Mathematics Learning Forums Internet math seminars for elementary and middle school teachers
  52. Mathematics Problem of the Week Contest Page - sponsored by Casio Educational Products
  53. Money Math - sites that explore math and money.
  54. Monster Math - a chance to introduce and review a variety of basic mathematics
  55. Mrs. Hoffman's Math Puzzles
  56. Multiplication Tips and Tricks - ways to help students learn their facts.
  57. Multiplication Practice

  58. No Matter What Shape Your Fractions are In
  59. Nine Dots - 9 dots puzzle

  60. Online and Interactive sites for practice and more - includes sites for students to practice basic operations and more.

  61. Pentominoes - explorations, activities, lessons and more!
  62. Polyhedra - all you'll ever need to know about these 3-D geometrical shapes!
  63. Problem of the Week - Join Fred and all the cast in a weekly math solving problem challenge. Submit answers and your own problems. Strategy help pages. Conversation text editor. Java games pages.

  64. Searching for Solutions - a great WebQuest for teaching problem solving strategies.
  65. SEEDS Project - elementary science curriculum that is integrated with language arts and math
  66. Spirograph
  67. Stanley Park Chase - use your multiplication skills to help Dexter find the hidden gold.
  68. Symmetry and the Shape of Space - 4 part series with many advanced topics

  69. Tangrams - lessons, activities, and more!
  70. Technology and Calculators in Math
  71. Tessellations and Escher - lessons, activities, links, and more to give your eyes a treat!
  72. Through the Glass Walls: Computer Games for Mathematical Empowerment - a list of math games/software, some with reviews available.
  73. Treasury for Kids - The US Treasury Department has created this Website to teach young children the basics about handling money, along with some facts about the Treasury.

  74. Victoria Search - learn about Victoria, British Columbia as you search for a necklace by solving division problems.

  75. www Links for Elementary School Teachers from the University of Utah

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Nancy Powell is a Web Mentor for the Teachers Network and the Lead Teacher of the Mathematics Department at Bloomington High School in Bloomington, IL
For more information or comments about these math pages, contact
Nancy Powell at npowell@bhs-ms.org


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