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Bug Web: Maximumangle

I've Got that Geometry Bug!

A Bug’s Story

          My bug comes from the tropical rainforest of Brazil near the Amazon River. His name is Maximumangle because of the large angles formed by his thorax and abdomen. He is extremely rare and is very poisonous and preys on insects at least twice his size so he can go for long periods of time without having to make appearances. He is very shy and will rarely attack people not paying attention to what they’re doing.

            He is made up of three main shapes. They are the pyramid, cube, and the sphere. A pyramid is a structure typically with a square ground plan; outside walls of four triangles form a point at the top of the structure. A cube is a structure, which is made of six solid equal square sides. The sphere is a structure that is a three-dimensional object that is smooth with no points. The pyramid is in all three sections, which are the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. The pyramid makes the bug have a flatter head which camouflages the bug better. The thorax it comes to a point at the head to combine the two parts and it flares out for storage of the internal organs. Then another pyramid is on that to combine it to the abdomen. The pyramid is in the abdomen to store the rest of the organs and to store the acid he has to use against predators. Next there is the cube which is also found in the abdomen. It creates more room for storage that the bug might need. Last there is the sphere. This shape can be found between the thorax and the abdomen. This is where the legs meet the body. Those are the main shapes used in my geometry bug Maximumangle.



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