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Bug Web: Legoangletitis

I've Got that Geometry Bug!

I’ve Got A Geometry Bug’s Story: A Day in the Life of a LEGOANGLETITIS

            On a sunny morning in June, Mr. Lego—short for his full name of Legoangletitis—was just awaking from his blissful might in the "garden of dreams." He hopped down from his ceiling and crawled towards his kitchen. Within the kitchen there lay a table, a counter, cabinets, and a refrigerator that was heavily stocked with heads of lettuce, celery, broccoli, apples, and assorted types of berries. Mr. Lego was known as neuropteran type bug. These are bugs that use biting and chewing mouthparts. They generally use those mouthparts to eat vegetables and fruits.

                Mr. Lego then got suited up for his early morning jog. Since he weighs a total of one pound, he is quite slow. He has all the mobility of an ant or a spider but with half the speed. On his jog he passed Mr. and Mrs. Buggingpeston having tea out on their front yard. They are hemipteran type bugs, which means that their mouthparts are used for sucking. They were using these mouthparts to slurp up their tea. After a small conversation Mr. Lego replied by saying, "Well I’ll be on my way," as he continued jogging with his six legs scrambling.

            After he finished his run, he traded his jogging shoes in for flying goggles. Mr. Lego placed the eyewear on very nice and snug-like and started to propel himself off the ground making his 12" wingspan move as rapidly as 150 flaps per minute. He needs this expeditious movement because he needs to get his massive weight off the surface.

            After about 20 minutes of flying, he decided to land. This unscheduled landing was due to the fact that his mother wanted him to send her pictures of his environment. He jumped right back up into the air and continued on his way. From above he saw and took pictures of the many colors he saw. This was because he was surrounded by a habitat of fruits and vegetables. He also found many holes and/or mounds because around his locality there were many bugs that were burrowers or bugs that resided in a subterranean state. He then retreated back home to his underground estate.

            As he returned back home, he realized that it was around middle afternoon time. He had taken a lot of time out of his day by taking pictures. He was exhausted. He decided to take a nap. Because of his wings it wasn’t like he could just hop into bed. He had to hang to his ceiling such as a bat does. The tiny connectors at the tip of his abdomen were used to adjoin him to the ceiling while he sleeps.

            After he awoke from his "forty winks," he fixed him up a dinner consisting of two heads of lettuce and baby tomatoes. Soon following his finish, he would be on his way towards the television to wait until he would reach his sleepy point again and await the upcoming new day.

By: Brandon Smith



  • I’ve Got That Geometry Bug worksheet given to us in class
  • I’ve Got That Geometry Bug Research Questions given to us in class
  • Internet Websites given to us on the bottom of the Research Questions


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