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Bug Web:

I've got that Geometry Bug!

" A Day In the Life of My Geometry Bug"

            Herbie the Hexagon was a very happy ant that loved to eat and play with his friends. But a couple things puzzled Herbie. First, he could not figure out what had happened to his parents. Also, he wanted to know why his parents had named him Herbie the Hexagon. He figured, "Why would my parents put the word hexagon in my name?" Herbie had no hexagon-shaped body parts. The only shapes he had on his body were spheres. " I just can’t figure it out, maybe if I can find my parents they can tell me", he thought.

Herbie didn’t have any hexagons, but he had plenty of spheres. The spheres that made up his body came in handy all the time. The four spheres enabled Herbie’s segmented body to move and change directions easily. His body is made up of three main parts: the head (which is the front sphere in my project that has the antennas), the thorax (which is the middle two spheres), and the abdomen (which is the largest and farthest back sphere). Herbie’s head is made up of the antennas, eyes, mouth, and brain. The thorax holds Herbie’s nervous system and his passage for food. His abdomen is the largest of the three parts and it made up of his stomach, crop, large intestine, and his stinger. Herbie also has circle-like shaped feet that are flat on the bottoms. They allow him to keep good balance and stand stable on his feet.

            Herbie lived on a farm in Texas, but knew that his parents could be anywhere. He knew this because ants can live anywhere on land except the north and south poles. But he hoped that his parents were somewhere fairly close. He had lost them about a year ago when he was just a little ant. There had been a great flood about a month after he had hatched out of his egg as a larva. His parents were carried away with all the water never to be seen again. Other fellow ants were taking care of Herbie. They were very kind to him, but Herbie still wanted his parents back. He was determined to find them too. He had made up his mind that he would not stop searching until he found them.                                                               So one morning bright and early Herbie set to out on his journey to find his parents. He first went to a couple of other anthills nearby and asked if anyone had seen his parents. But, he had no luck the first day. The next couple of days were long and hard and Herbie had no leads at where his parents might be. He was tired and wanted to give up, but knew that he couldn’t. On the fifth day Herbie traveled to an anthill that knew which direction that his parents had flowed during the flood. But, they didn’t have a clue where his parents might be now. But Herbie knew this was a good start to finding his parents. After a long hard week of traveling, Herbie finally found a couple of ants that thought they knew where his parents might be. Herbie got the information and was so gleeful that he threw himself a feast that night. He ate a whole grilled cracker that he had found. He ate so much that he thought he just might throw-up. The following day he traveled until sunset and finally just as he was about to stop, he saw one last anthill. He thought that he would check it out before retiring for the night. He walked into the anthill and saw two people that he recognized very well. They recognized him too because they were his parents. He hugged both of them for the longest time.                                                

After a few days of catching up with parents he finally popped the question that he had wanted to know ever since his parents had been separated from him. "Why did you name me Herbie the Hexagon, if I have no body parts shaped like a hexagon?" he asked. His parents told him that he was named after his father’s six sided eyes. He also found out that his eyes were three sided like a triangle and his mother’s were eight sided like an octagon. His parents and him were full of shapes and more importantly, full of love.

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