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Bug Web: Bubba Bug

I've got that Geometry Bug!

Bubba Bug

          My "Geometry Bug" has an extremely large purpose. Its job has a role in society like no other bug. It eats sewage! This bug is made to complete its role, it could live on the surface of the earth, but that is not its purpose. New bugs are released in sewers every 2 months. Those 2 months are the life span of my "Bubba Bugs." To learn more from Bubba’s point of view, keep reading.

          Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Bubba. I live in sewers. All I eat is sewage. My body is well equipped for all the things I need to do. My tall cylindrical legs keep me high above the wastes. They are cylindrically shaped because that shape provides the most support. The hair on my legs provides warmth, because it can get very cold in the sewers. You see, because I live underground, it is very dark, that’s why I have large eyes that allow me to have night-vision. Another important part of me is my doo-waps. They are the spirally things hanging below my eyes. They act like vacuum cleaners because they suck up my yummy food, (your wastes!) You may be thinking right now, "Where does the food go after you eat it?" That question is simple. I have pores on the side of my body that releases it in the air and it evaporates. My abdomen is a cone shape that allows me to squeeze through small spaces. I am the color green with sparkles because it is easy to see, and the sparkles reflect the light. Although most bugs have antenna, I don’t because I don’t need them! I don’t need them because antenna are used for feeling and I don’t need to feel anything. My blood is brown because the food I eat is brown. You also might be wondering how we reproduce. Well, we don’t! We have scientists at a laboratory that releases many of us every 2 months. The main geometrical challenge that I face is that I can’t climb up walls and I can’t fly. Thank you for taking your time to read about me. I hope you enjoyed learning about the most useful bug on earth!


  • Milauskas, George and Rhoad, Richard and Whipple, Robert. (1991). Geometry: for Enjoyment and Challenge. Evanston, Illinois: McDougal, Littel & Co.


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