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Bug Web: Dominagon

I've got that Geometry Bug!

             "A Day in the Life of My Geometry Bug"

                My bug's name is Arthur. He is a Dominagon. He is called this because of his domino resembling wings. Some of the geometrical shapes on my bug include a cylindar, a sphere, squares and rectangles. My bug has these geometrical shapes because this bug grows very quickly, so it has very simple shapes to its body. This specific insect grows from a larvae to an adult in about two days. Arthur has flat, rounded legs because he is a water bug. He needs these legs so he can glide over the water using surface tension. Arthur has a daily routine of waking early in the moring on a marsh bank. Then he spends the day finding algea to feed on. Some of his predators include small birds and fish. Arthur is a very quick moving bug who flies when moving from one body of water to another.

This specific Dominagon eats by sucking the algea through a filtering, straw like mouth. Other types of Dominagons have a shorter, wider mouth used for biting and chewing plants and leaves (including some flowers.) This particular bug faces minimal geometrical challenges because he is very flexible and has no need to fit in tight spaces simply because it spends its life on or near the water. Like many other bugs, Arthur breathes through small holes on the side of his body called spiracles. Like all other insects, Arthur is symmetrical. Arthur will live for many many years, because of his heritage. Because Dominagons are not like common flies, Arthur has two pairs of wings. All Dominagons have green blood, not because they are aliens, but because their blood doesn't contain hemoglobin, which carries oxygen through their body. Arthur goes back to sleep at night in a new pond about a mile away. Tomorrow is a new day and Arthur must sleep.


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