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Bug Web: Spherey's Great Adventure

Spherey's Great Adventure

                Spherey woke up at 7 am one morning, crawled out from under a tree branch and yawned. Another day starts which meant a new day of adventure. What would he do today?

                First things first, breakfast! He wobbled on his 6 suction cupped legs, to find a leaf. His legs were suction cups so that when he wanted food that was high up or hard to reach he could stick to the surface that he was on and wouldn't fall.

                As he went on his journey he met many people. First he met a butterfly. "My name is Jamie", she said, "What's your's?"

                "Hexspherey", he replied.

                "That's a strange name how did you get stuck with that?"

                "Stuck? I never thought of it as strange? My friends call me

                Spherey for short, it's because i am spheres if you haven't noticed. The hex stands for hexagon which is what my thorax is, it is a tile of hexagons and squares, Each a different color so that when predators come after me they will look at the pattern and become dizzy from the colors and design. I thought it was creative."

                He stomped off, the rudeness of the butterfly had upset him. Still searching for a leaf he walked and walked and walked until he ran straight into a spider. "Watch where your walking bud!"

                "I'm sorry i was looking at the ground for food." said Spherey.

                "What are those things on your head?" asked the spider.

                "These are my antennae" he said gesturing towards his head.

                "They are very big and colorful." said the spider

                "They are like this to keep away predators and let them know that I am poisonous."

                "Oh", he said and as he started inching away," If your poisonous then I'm leaving"

                So much for his help Spherey didn't even get a chance to ask where he could find food. Why was he having such a hard time finding food today?

                Spherey kept on with his journey watching the ground(which he was that far from) the whole time. Right when he looked up yet a third time he bumped into someone else. This time it was a grasshopper. "Slow down there buddy, hey I'm Joe,"

                "I'm Spherey, I've been looking all day for food and i can't seem to find leaves anywhere!"

                "Well, have you looked around you? Have you looked up?"

                "No," said Spherey

                "Well, your in a coniferous forest, all it is is pine trees, pine cones, pine, pine, pine. No leaves for miles."

                Spherey felt stupid. Well, he was short and didn't really have a neck to look up. He walked over to a pine cone that had fallen on the ground and started munching. His mouth opening horizontal instead of vertical like human's. "Wow this isn't bad!" he said. While he ate to his hearts content and thought to himself "This was certainly an adventure."                                       


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