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Bug Web: Euclid
I've Got that Geometry Bug


      Hello. My name is Euclid. I am a Geometry bug. I am named after the "father of geometry." My body is made mostly out of geometrical shapes. Each one of my body segments is an octogon. Every segment has a hard shell covering to protect me. My wings are made of a trapezoid and a half circle. This design helps to catch the wind. My leg are cylinders that are shaped, curved and bent into positions so that I can walk. For my eyes there are spheres on top of my head, that allow me to see in all directions. I have a chewing mouth made with two triangles. My body is purple with a pink stripe down the middle and pink wings. This bright coloring is to yield off any predators. My antennae are for feeling the wind and weather. I need to know the wind and weather so that I can tell whether or not I can fly.

            Everyday I live in the Ioka Forest with my parents and two sisters. The Ioka Forest is very beautiful and has many delicious trees. I eat the bark off trees from the forest. I am two months old which is fairly old for a bug. Sometimes I fly to try to escape my few predators. Most of the time I walk. My legs have hooks on them for holding on to bark. Sometimes it is hard to find the correct type of trees to feed on. I live peacefully with other animals in my environment, most of the time at least. Every once in a while some other animal will think I look delectable even with my coloring and will try to eat me. In those cases I have to try to escape by flying away. Sometimes I am not able to fly because it is raining or is too windy or not windy enough. So, then I have to walk to find a tree and crawl up it. If I cannot find a tree I am pretty much a goner. Luckily that has not happened yet.

            A day in my life would begin by you waking up to the sound of your sisters fluffing their antennae, I do not know why though, and Mom making breakfast. After I wake up I usually go and take a leaf bath and then eat some bark my mom has usually prepared. After that I fly off to find my friends and go off to school. At school we learn about bark preparations in Home Economics. We also learn about history and how to protest ourselves from predators. During lunch we are let out to find our own food. After school we usually play games and fly, run, and walk around. Then I go home to my sisters and parents. At home it is my job to help look for food. After that we eat with the whole family. Sometimes later on we play games or just sit around.

             Other difficulties can come up in my life. Predators can come and attack me while I am looking for food, or maybe the weather is very bad one day. It makes my life very difficult when there is a lot of wind or it is very rainy. When it is very windy I have to hook on to a tree almost all day. If I let go I have the chance of being blown away. It is difficult to fly when it is not windy too. Almost everything is hard to do when the weather is bad. Also I can run into problems with my family and friends just like most other animals and become distracted. It is worse when I become distracted though because if I get too distracted I am not on guard against my predators so I may lose my life. I normally have to put my feelings aside untill I get to a safe place. It is very difficult to keep your emotions under check like that. I love my life and how I am able to live. It is wonderful!!

 Web sites:


www.thebugpage.com updated costantly

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