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Hispanic Heritage Month

About this Daily Classroom Specials: Hispanic Heritage Month was written by Lottie Simms, teacher at Miami Lakes Middle School and former Teachers Network web mentor.

Hispanic Heritage Month is once again upon us. Commencing on September 15, with Independence Day for Central America and ending on October 15, the four weeks are packed with social events and festivals honoring Hispanic contributions to America. Hispanic Heritage Month is the occasion for the Latino community to come together not only to celebrate their accomplishments, but to share with America-at-large our diversity and pride as a people.

Hispanic Heritage Month climaxes with el dia de la Raza or Columbus Day which celebrates the fusion of two cultures, the European Spaniard with the Indigenous People of the Americas. Hispanic-Americans can look back with pride and acknowledge the impact that Spanish explorers had over the Americas and the birth of an empire.

In many ways, one month seems paltry when you consider the contributions made by Hispanics over the course of 500 years of history. From the earliest mission towns to modern-day Miami, the vitality of the Latino community has always been evident. And as our presence grows we are slowly infusing America with our culture even as we in turn become more American. We will change the face of America even as we will be changed by our new homeland.


Over the next month, we can reflect upon our heritage and renew our sense of la raza even as we embrace American culture. Click on the links to the right  to learn more.
Milestones in History I
Milestones in History II


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