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Black History Month: Heros: Grover Washington, Jr.

The following biography is one in a series of "My Hero Essays" written by students at Miami Lakes Middle School. Special thanks to teacher and web mentor Lottie Simms, Mrs. Ball, band director, and Mrs. Mayland, computer education teacher.

by Kenneth R.

Grover Washington, Jr. (G.W.) is one of the best musicians of all time. He is considered a legend. Although I could not find a lot of information on him, I found just enough!!! I don't really know when he was born, or where he is from, but I do know he came onto the scene with a #1 hit early in his career. In 1971 he went platinum with his first album. Since then he has had countless gold and platinum albums. He has never actually been "not in style," even though he took many breaks in his career.

After his last break from the music business G.W. came out with one of his best albums. The name of his new album is called "SOULFUL STRUT." This album includes old songs such as "Breath of Heaven," "Christmas Time is Here," and "Village Grove." Some of his new hits on the album include "Uptown," "Mystical Force," and "Play That Grove Fore Me." G.W. has done so much in his career that I think the computer couldn't get enough info on him!?! Even though I know he has done more in his life, I couldn't find that much. G.W. is a great musician... and will always be a great musician to me. He has played with the best.


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