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Batter Up!: Activities

Activity 5

Searching the Internet for Baseball Web Sites

Objective of the Lesson

Students will use their knowledge of Internet searching to locate web sites for the 30 Major League Baseball teams.

Materials Needed

  • Internet Access
  • Hardcopies of the SEARCH FORM

Lesson Plan Program

  1. Access the Internet using your web browser. This may be a lesson in itself for you to teach your students.

  2. Demonstrate the use of SEARCH ENGINES to your students to be sure they are familiar with web searching techniques. This step may be eliminated if students are familiar with SEARCH ENGINES  or if you will be doing the searching as a large audience/class activity. 

  3. If students have the ability to search the web on their own, distribute copies of the SEARCH FORM questions.

  4. Using the search technique of your choice or the choice of the students, search and list the web sites that apply to  the questions.


Search Form and Questions

You will be searching for web sites that have information on the 30 Major League Baseball teams. Fifteen teams are in the American League and 15 teams are in the National League. Your task is to find the best site for each of the teams. Don't worry if you can't find all of them. Your project partners will help you out. Some teams have "AN OFFICIAL SITE" which means that the team itself maintains the information. Some sites are maintained by sports fans and have links to many teams. Some sites are maintained by the sports departments of major newspapers.  Find the ones with the best information for you. List these sites with some information about each one. Be sure you list the team name, league and city. If you don't know where to start, a great place would be to search for the word BASEBALL and take it from there.

Here are some questions to look for...

  1. Does the site feature one team or several teams?

  2. Does the site have a history of the team?

  3. Does the site tell what stadium the team plays in? How about seating capacity?

  4. Does the site give biographies of the players, manager, coaches, or owner(s)?

  5. Does the site tell where the team has spring training?

  6. Does the site have some great pictures of the team you'd like others to see?

  7. Does the site have special categories of interest to kids your age?

  8. Does the site have a place where you can e-mail players, coaches, or the manager?

  9. Is the site easy to use?

O.K... now that you have some things to search for, get busy!


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