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Back to School Night: An Overview

About This Daily Classroom Special
Back to School Night  was created by former Teachers Network Web Mentor Kristi Thomas, Band Director at William F. Halley Elementary School, Fairfax Station, Virginia. 

Great Tips to Make Your Back to School Night a Success

Back to School Night is one of the most important events on the school calendar. It is the night that sets the tone for your entire year with the parents of your new students. It is the event that can open the door to trust and cooperation. In one short presentation, you'll have the opportunity to share your goals, expectations, credentials, classroom rules and policies, and philosophies. We'd like to help you be ready!

Whether you are a brand new teacher or a veteran of many years, Back to School Night can be stressful! Careful and thorough preparation will help you present yourself with confidence and clarity. You'll feel more relaxed if you have everything in place. Let us share some of our favorite pointers, designed to help you plan a successful evening.

This Teachers Network Daily Classroom Special offers you a compilation of tips collected from some of my sage colleagues at William F. Halley Elementary School, in Fairfax Station, Virginia. These ideas were contributed by third grade teacher Susan Altemus, sixth grade teacher Carol Horn, and band director Kristi Thomas. The following pages offer our best advice for planning and creating an outstanding Back to School Night experience for everyone involved. We hope you will pick and choose the tips which seem helpful to you, blending them with things you already know work well. Please feel free to print the pages and share them with your colleagues.


The Preparation

On Each Desk

The Presentation


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